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"Disability will affect the lives of everyone at some point in their life, it is time society changed to acknowledge this" - Disabled World

The primary focus of the Disabled World web site is to provide up to date information via our informative articles, disability news and educational videos. In addition to our articles, stories from our in-house writers, and submitted news items by various organizations and Government Departments, each day we manually select relevant items from around the web for publishing that we consider will be of interest to persons with disabilities, carers, and the general public.

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Some Quick Disability Facts:

Disability is a subject you may read about online, or in a newspaper, but not think of as something that might actually happen to you. But your chances of becoming disabled are greater than you realize. Today more people live with a disability than ever before due to our aging societies as well as improved medical treatments helping manage long-term health problems. Some people are born with a disability, others become disabled as a result of an illness or injury, and some people develop them as they age. At some point in our lives almost all of us will have some type of disability. One of the key challenges for a person with a disability is to be seen by the public, to be portrayed in media outlets, and treated by health care professionals, as an individual with their own abilities, not just stereotyped as a "disabled person".

  • About 1 in 5 people in America currently has a disability.
  • Over a billion people, around 15% of the world's population, have some form of disability.
  • Between 110 million and 190 million adults worldwide have significant difficulties in functioning.
  • 33% of 20-year-old workers will become disabled before reaching retirement age - U.S. Social Security Administration.
  • Rates of disability are increasing due to population ageing and increases in chronic health conditions - among other causes.
  • 41% of people with forms of arthritis are forced to limit their physical activity, making it the leading cause of disability in the US.

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Definition of Disabled:

The word "disabled" is defined as having a physical or mental disability : unable to perform one or more natural activities (such as walking or seeing) because of illness, injury, etc. The word disabled came to be used as the standard term in referring to people with physical or mental disabilities in the second half of the 20th century - and it remains the most generally accepted term in both British and US English. Lately, "Disability" and "Disabled" are terms that are undergoing change due to the disability rights movement in the U.S. and U.K. To a lesser extent this is occurring worldwide - Disability or Disabled - Which Term is Right?

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"People with disabilities are the largest minority group, the only one any person can join at any time." - More Disability Quotes

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