Famous People who Died Young

List of well known and famous people who died in accidents, health conditions, and from other causes.

It is always a shock when anyone is taken before living their life to old age, these well known people died in accidents, health conditions, and from other causes - (See our average life span expectancy chart (Opens new window))

Our list below includes people like:

Hank Williams who died at the age of 29, (Sep17, 1923 - Jan 1, 1953), who was a famous American singer, songwriter and musician, and who has become an icon of country music and one of the most influential musicians and songwriters of the 20th century.

Brandon Lee (Feb 1, 1965 - Mar 31, 1993). Brandon Lee was born in Oakland, California, and was an American actor, son of the late legendary martial arts film star Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell, and the brother of actress Shannon Lee. Tragically On March 31, 1993, while making the film The Crow actor Michael Massee was supposed to fire a gun loaded with blanks at Lee. A cartridge with only a primer and a bullet was fired in the pistol before shooting the scene. Firing the gun caused a squib load, in which the primer provided enough force eject the bullet out of the cartridge and into the barrel of the revolver, where it became lodged. Later the same gun was re-loaded with blanks and used to shoot the films death scene. However, the squib load was still stuck in the barrel, and was propelled out of the barrel and into Brandon Lee's body. Following a six hour operation to remove the bullet and despite being given 60 pints of blood, Lee was pronounced dead at 1:30pm on March 31, 1993. The shooting was ruled an accident, and the theory of the Lee "family curse" was carried over from Bruce Lee's death to Brandon's, as he had died almost 20 years after his father and before the release of the film which catapulted him to stardom.

Persons NameNationalityKnown forCause of deathDate of Death
Famous People who Died Young Aged under 16
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy (2 days)Americanson of John F. and Jacqueline KennedyRDS1963
Rumwold (3 days)EnglishAnglo-Saxon saint662
Robin Bush (3)Americansister of George W. Bushleukemia1953
Leo II (6/7)Byzantine Emperorunknown disease474
Jessica Dubroff (7)Americanyoung pilotaircraft crash1996
Tokugawa Ietsugu (7)Japanesethe 7th shogun of the Tokugawa dynastycommon cold1716
Lungtok Gyatso (9)the ninth Dalai Lama1815
Judith Barsi (10)Americanchild actresshomicide1988
Julian Scriabin (11)Russiancomposerdrowning1919
Nkosi Johnson (12)South Africanchildren's rights activistAIDS2001
Heather O'Rourke (12)Americanchild actressbowel obstruction1988
Sadako Sasaki (12)Japaneserunner, origami artistleukemia caused by Hiroshima atom bomb1955
Samantha Smith (13)Americansocial activist, actress, authoraircraft crash1985
Alexei Romanov (13)Russianroyal heirassassination1918
Prince John of the United Kingdom (13)EnglishBritish princeepilepsy1919
Mattie Stepanek (13)Americanpoetmuscular dystrophy2004
Infante Alfonso (14)Spanishmember of royal familyaccidental gunshot wound1954
Peter II of Russia (14)RussianTsarsmallpox1730
Faisal ibn Hamad Al Khalifah (14)Bahrainiprincecar accident2006
Sophie von Kuhn (15)GERMANNovalis' fianceedisease1797
Edward VI of England (15)EnglishKing of Englandtuberculosis1553
Anne Frank (15)DutchdiaristAs a jew, she was a victim of the Nazi holocaust and died of starvation in concentration camp Bergen Belsen. Three weeks later, the camp was liberated.1945
Lucille Ricksen (15)Americanactresstuberculosis1925
Famous People who Died Young Aged 16
ConradinDuke of Swabia, King of Jerusalem, King of Sicilyexecution1268
Tara Correa-McMullenAmericanactresshomicide2005
Francis IIFrenchkingear infection1560
Michael CuccioneCanadianactorrespiratory failure2001
Lucretia Maria DavidsonAmericanpoetconsumption1825
Vladimir GarinRussianchild actordrowning2003
Petr GinzCzechdiaristexecution in a gas chamber1944
Lady Jane GreyEnglishQueen for 9 to 13 daysbeheaded by order of Mary I1554
Laurence OwenAmericanfigure skateraircraft crash1961
Heikki SuolahtiFinnishclassical music composernot known1936
Billy LaughlinAmericanchild actortraffic accident1948
Julie VegaFilipinochild actress and singerbronchopneumonia1985
Famous People who Died Young Aged 17
Anastasia Nicholaevna of RussiaRussianGrand Duchess of Russiaassassination1918
Baroness Mary VetseraAustrianRudolf's mistresspossible suicide1889
Mori RanmaruJapanesesamurai, Oda Nobunaga's attendantkilled in battle1582
Caesarion (Little Caesar)Egyptianpharaoh, son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesarexecuted by order of Augustus Caesar30 BC
Thomas ChattertonEnglishpoetsuicide1770
Khendrup Gyatsothe eleventh Dalai Lama1856
Krissy TaylorAmericanmodelheart failure due to a rare condition1995
Hersal ThomasAmericaninfluential boogie woogie pianist and songwriterprobable poisoning1926
Jessica JacobsAustralianActressrailway accident2008
Ritchie ValensAmericanChicano-rock singeraircraft crash1959
Famous People who Died Young Aged 18
Ronnie CaldwellAmericansoul musicianplane crash1967
Norman "Chubby" ChaneyAmericanactor, best known for his role in the Little Rascals filmsglandular ailment1936
Do-Hum-MeSacdancerpossibly influenzaca. 1845
Edwy of EnglandEnglishKing of Englandunknown959
ElagabalusRomanRoman emperorassassination222
Henry FrederickEnglishPrince of Walestyphoid fever1612
Rob KnoxEnglishActorstabbed2008
Anissa JonesAmericanchild actordrug overdose1976
Ray JonesEnglishprofessional footballercar accident2007
Charlotte LongEnglishactresscar accident1984
Mercedes of OrleansSpanishqueen consort of Spaintuberculosis1878
Yukiko OkadaJapaneseidol singersuicide by jumping1986
John SpenceAmericanska singer No Doubt)suicide by gunshot1987
TutankhamunEgyptianpharaohpossibly gangrene from an infected leg wound1323 BC
Ryan WhiteAmericanAIDS activistpneumonia a complication of HIV1990
Famous People who Died Young Aged 19
Juan Crisostomo ArriagaSpanishcomposerdisputed1826
Divya BhartiIndianactressaccidental fall from building1993
Lucius CaesarRomanGrandson and heir to Augustusunknown illnessAD 2
Dorothy DellAmericanactresscar accident1934
Junior DurkinAmericanactorcar accident1935
Margot FrankDutchJewish victim of the Holocaust, sister of Anne Franktyphus in during The Holocaust1945
Hilary GrivichAmericanGymnastcar accident1997
Bobby "Wheezer" HutchinsAmericanchild actorplane crash1945
Joan of ArcFrenchmilitary commanderburned at the stake1431
Marcus Claudius MarcellusRomanheir to Augustusillness23 BC
Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of RussiaRussianGrand Duchess of Russiaassassination1918
Yaki KadafiAmericanrappergunshot1996
Adam PettyAmericanracing driver, grandson of Richard Pettyhead injury during Busch Series practice2000
Adan SanchezAmericansingercar accident2004
Pablo SantosMexicanactoraircraft crash2006
Famous People who Died Young Aged 20
AntinousRomanEmperor Hadrian's loverdrowningAD 130
Emilie DionneCanadianone of the Dionne quintupletscomplications from an epileptic seizure1954
Josh Ryan EvansAmericansoap opera actor Passionsheart failure2002
evariste GaloisFrenchmathematician, inventor of group theorygunshot in duel1832
Ruslana KorshunovaKazakhmodelsuicide2008
Sauli LehtonenFinnishtango singercar accident1995
Ananda MahidolThaieighth king of the Chakri dynastymurder1946
Maribel OwenAmericanfigure skaterplane crash1961
Daniel Wayne SmithAmericanactor and reality television stardrug overdose2006
Charles SorleyScottishwar poetshot in the head by a sniper at the Battle of Loos1915
Nancy SpungenAmericanSid Vicious' girlfriendmurdered1978
Charles StarkweatherAmericanspree killerexecuted1959
Dorothy StrattenCanadianPlayboy modelhomicide1980
Carol WillisAmericanPlayboy modelcar accident1971
Famous People who Died Young Aged 21
Jan PalachCzechpolitical protesterself immolation1969
Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of RussiaRussianGrand Duchess of Russiaassassination1918
Bridgette AndersenAmericanactressdrug overdose1997
Billy the KidAmericanoutlawgunshot1881
Luc BourdonCanadianice hockey playercar crash2008
Eddie CochranAmericanrockabilly musiciancar crash1960
James CrichtonScottishchild prodigy ("the Admirable Crichton")killed in a swordfight1582
Duncan EdwardsEnglishfootballer Manchester UnitedMunich air disaster1958
Matthew GarberEnglishactorpancreatitis1977
Jared NathanAmericanchild actor ZOOMcar crash2006
Nicolae LabisRomanianpoettramway accident (possibly deliberate)1956
Ernst MielckFinnishcomposertuberculosis1899
Napoleon IIFrenchsecond Emperor of the Frenchtuberculosis1832
Otto IIIGermanHoly Roman Emperormalaria1002
Stuart SutcliffeScottishartist and bassist (briefly with The Beatles)brain hemorrhage1962
Rebecca SchaefferAmericanactresshomicide (shot by Robert John Bardo)1989
Sophie SchollGermanAnti-Nazi activistbeheaded1943
Monisha UnniIndianActressCar Accident1992
Sid ViciousEnglishpunk-rock bass guitarist Sex Pistolsheroin overdose, suicide1979
Dmitry VenevitinovRussianRomantic poetarrest and cold1827
Henry Kirke WhiteEnglishpoetnot known1806
J. Madison WrightAmericanactresscardiac arrest2006
Famous People who Died Young Aged 22
AaliyahAmericanR&B singeraircraft crash2001
Alfie AnidoFilipinoactorofficially listed as suicide1981
Brook BerringerAmericancollege football quarterback (University of Nebraska)plane crash1996
Len BiasAmericanbasketball player (University of Maryland)cocaine overdose1986
Lillian BoardBritishOlympic silver medallist (1968)cancer1970
Darby CrashAmericanpunk-rock singer (The Germs)suicide by heroin overdose1980
DeadSwedishblack metal vocalist (Mayhem)suicide by shotgun1991
Dominique DunneAmericanactressstrangled into coma by ex-boyfriend1982
Terry FoxCanadianathlete, humanitarian, cancer treatment activistCancer1981
Mary Ann GanserAmericanThe Shangri-Las)encephalitis1970
Christy HenrichAmericanartistic gymnastanorexia1994
Buddy HollyAmericanrock & roll singeraircraft crash1959
Gift LeremiSouth Africanfootball playercar accident2007
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of RussiaRussianGrand Duchess of Russiaassassination1918
PepePortuguesefootballerfood poisoning1930
PocahontasPowhatanchief's daughter ("princess")uncertain, thought to be smallpox or tuberculosis1617
Antonio PuertaSpanishheart disease2007
Freddie PrinzeAmericancomedian, actorsuicide1977
Alice Hathaway Lee RooseveltAmericanfirst wife of Theodore RooseveltBright's disease1884
Jack SheppardEnglishthiefexecution1724
John ThomsonScottishfootballeron-pitch collision1931
Ivo Van DammeBelgianmiddle distance runnercar accident1976
Robert WadlowAmericantallest man everinfection of the left ankle1940
Jarmo WasamaFinnishhockey playercar accident1966
Pedro ZamoraAmericanMTV The Real World participantAIDS1994
Famous People who Died Young Aged 23
Archie JacksonAustraliancricketertubercolosis1933
Georg BuchnerGermanwritertyphus1837
Charles IX of FranceFrenchKing of Francetubercolosis1574
Ian CurtisEnglishpost-punk singer (Joy Division)suicide by hanging1980
Taki RentaroJapanesecomposertuberculosis1903
Ernie DavisAmericancollege football running back (Syracuse University)leukemia1963
Bobby FullerAmericanrock singer, guitaristundetermined1966
Hank GathersAmericancollege basketball player (Loyola Marymount University)Cardiac arrest1990
Saima HarmajaFinnishauthor, poettuberculosis1937
Jacques HerbrandFrenchmathematicianmountaineering accident1931
Ivan VIRussianRussian emperorassassination1764
Emilio JacintoFilipinorevolutionary leader, poetmalaria1899
Karl "Hagbard" KochGermanhackerburned to death (suicide)1989
Vitek KieltykaPolishdeath metal drummer (Decapitated)bus accident2007
Duk Koo KimSouth Koreanboxerdied from injuries in boxing ring1982
Bonnie ParkerAmericanbank robberkilled in police ambush1934
River PhoenixAmericanactorheart failure due to drug overdose1993
Gavrilo PrincipSerbassassintuberculosis1918
Christoph ProbstGermanAnti-Nazi activistbeheaded1943
SavannahAmericanPorn Starsuicide1994
Judy TylerAmericanactresscar accident1957
Anton MaidenSwedishsingersuicide2003
Lilian VelezFilipinoactressmurder1948
Francisco "Pancho Villa" GuilledoFilipinoboxing championLudwig's angina1925
Otto WeiningerGermanphilosophersuicide1903
Krzysztof Kamil BaczynskiPolishpoetwar1944
Famous People who Died Young Aged 24
Higuchi IchiyoJapanesenovelistpulmonary tuberculosis1896
Duane AllmanAmericansouthern-rock slide-guitarist (Allman Brothers Band)motorcycle accident1971
Sammy BabitzinFinnishschlager-singercar accident1973
Lili BoulangerFrenchcomposerCrohn's disease1918
Cliff BurtonAmericanthrash metal (Metallica)tour bus accident1986
Gaius CaesarRomanGrandson and heir to Augustusdied after receiving injuries in battleAD 4
Fabio CasartelliItalianprofessional cyclistcrash during Tour de France1995
Charlotte CordayFrenchassassinexecution1793
James DeanAmericanactorcar accident1955
Gregorio del PilarFilipinogeneraldied in battle1899
Joe DelaneyAmericanAmerican football running back (Kansas City Chiefs)drowning1983
Peg EntwistleWelshactresssuicide1932
Miklos FeherHungarianfootball playerheart failure2004
Andrea FeldmanAmericanactresssuicide1972
Robert FergussonScottishpoethead trauma1774
Dino FerrariItalianson of Enzo Ferrarimuscular distrophy1956
Katy FrenchIrishmodelcocaine overdose2007
Georg HeymGermanExpressionist poetdrowned1912
Ben HollioakeEnglishcricketercar accident2002
Huo QubingChinesegeneralplague117 BC
Big LAmericanrappergunshots1999
Leon KilatFilipinorevolutionary leadermurder1898
Stanley KetchelAmericanboxergunshot1910
Nile KinnickAmericancollege football running back (University of Iowa)plane crash1943
Lee Eun-juSouth Koreanactresssuicide2005
La MalincheIndigenous Mexicaninterpreterunknown1529
Greg MooreCanadianracing drivercar accident during race1999
Maury MuehleisenAmericansongwriter/guitaristaircraft crash1973
Joaquin MurrietaMexicanbanditshot by California State Rangers1853
Damien NashAmericanNFLrunning back (Denver Broncos)unknown2007
Notorious B.I.G.Americanrappergunshot1997
Berry OakleyAmericanmusicianmotorcycle accident1972
Lee Harvey OswaldAmericanalleged assassin of US President John F Kennedygunshot1963
Christopher PettietAmericanactoraccidental drug overdose2000
Steve PrefontaineAmericanOlympic long-distance runnercar accident1975
RazzleEnglishdrummer (Hanoi Rocks)car accident1984
Hans SchollGermanAnti-Nazi activistbeheaded1943
Clarence "Pine Top" SmithAmericanboogie woogie singer and pianistgunshot1929
Tammi TerrellAmericanMotown singerbrain tumour1970
Wang BiChinesephilosopherplagueAD 249
Sean TaylorAmericanNFL free safety (Washington Redskins)gunshot2007
Wilhelm Heinrich WackenroderGermanRomantic writertyphus1798
Darrent WilliamsAmericanNFL defensive back (Denver Broncos)drive-by shooting2007
Andrew WoodAmericangrunge singer (Mother Love Bone)heroin overdose1990
St. Therese de LisieuxFrenchCatholic sainttuberculosis1897
Matthew JayEnglishmusicianfall from an apartment building2003
Famous People who Died Young Aged 25
Rudolf IV of AustriaAustrianDuke--1365
Johnny AceAmericanrock 'n' roll musiciangunshot (Russian roulette)1954
Clyde BarrowAmericanbank robberkilled in ambush1934
Aubrey BeardsleyEnglishartisttuberculosis1898
Tommy BolinAmericanmusiciandrug overdose1976
Josephine BrackenIrishcommon-law wife of Philippine National Hero Jose Rizaltuberculosis1902
Charlie ChristianAmericanjazz guitaristtuberculosis1942
Mike DarrAmericanMajor League Baseball outfieldercar accident2002
Teddy DiazFilipinoguitarist The Dawnstabbing1988
Francoise DorleacFrenchactresscar accident1967
EuronymousNorwegianblack metal guitarist (Mayhem)stabbed by Varg Vikernes1993
Abigail FolgerAmericansocialite, heiresshomicide by followers of Charles Manson1969
Rene GateauxFrenchmathematiciankilled in action1914
Willi GrafGermanAnti-Nazi activistbeheaded1943
Eddie GriffinAmericanbasketball playercar accident2007
George Charles GreyEnglishLiberal politician, youngest Member of Parliamentkilled in action1944
John KeatsEnglishRomantic poettuberculosis1821
Paul KossoffBritishrock guitaristdrug-related heart problems1976
Scott La RockAmericanDJgun violence1987
Belinda LeeEnglishactresscar accident1961
Frankie LymonAmericanSingerheroin overdose1968
Wilfred OwenEnglishpoetkilled while crossing the Sambre-Oise Canal (World War I)1918
Nafisa JosephIndianModel,Suicide2004
Baby Face NelsonAmericanbank robberkilled in police shootout1934
Benny ParetCubanboxerkilled in boxing ring1962
Brad RenfroAmericanactorheroin overdose2008
Randy RhoadsAmericanhard-rock guitarist (Quiet Riot - OZZY Osbourne aircraft crash1982
Ion RimaruRomanianserial killerexecution by firing squad1971
Alexander SchmorellGermanAnti-Nazi activistbeheaded1943
Dan SnyderCanadianice hockey playernosocomial infection2003
Manfred von RichthofenGermanWorld War I "ace of aces"shot down over Morlancourt Ridge1918
Tupac Shakur (2pac)Americanrapper singer, poet, actorgunshots from drive-by1996
U;NeeSouth Koreanactress and singersuicide2007
Marinus van der LubbeDutchconvicted of setting Reichstag fireexecution by decapitation1934
Blaise AlexanderAmericanRacecar driverhead injury2001
Famous People who Died Young Aged 26
Niels Henrik AbelNorwegianmathematiciantuberculosis1829
AsmahanSyrianmusiciancar accident1944
Ross GregoryAustraliancricketerdied on active service1942
Hobey BakerAmericanice hockey and American football playerplane crash1918
Alexander BereschUkrainianartistic gymnastcar accident2004
Timothy BirdsallEnglishcartoonistleukaemia1963
Barcroft BoakeAustralianpoetsuicide by hanging1892
Monty BowdenEnglishEngland's youngest ever cricket captainofficially epilepsy, also trampled by his own oxen1892
Fergus Bowes-LyonBritishsoldier, brother to the Queen Motherkilled during the Battle of Loos1915
Joe CAmericanrappercoeliac disease2000
Casey CalvertAmericanguitarist for rock band Hawthorne Heightsaccidental drug overdose2007
Gia CarangiAmericanfashion modelAIDS1986
Rudolf CharousekHungarianchess playertuberculosis1900
Disco DAmericanmusic producersuicide2007
Nick DrakeBritishfolk guitarist/singerantidepressant overdose, probably intentional1974
Richey James EdwardsWelshrock guitarist (Manic Street Preachers)presumed dead, likely jumped from bridge1995
Boris "Tron" FloricicGermanhacker and phreakerhanging, apparently self-inflicted1998
Josef HassidPolishviolinistmeningitis1950
Jean HarlowAmericanactressuremic poisoning and kidney failure1937
Jon-Erik Hexum Americanactor/modelBrain trauma after shooting a blank into his temple1984
Ishikawa TakubokuJapanesepoettuberculosis1912
Daijiro KatoJapanesemotorcycle racerbrain stem stoppage by crashing while racing2003
Ned KellyAustralianbushrangerexecuted1880
Mikhail LermontovRussianwriter and poetgunshot in duel1841
Pelle LindberghSwedishice hockeygoaltender (Philadelphia Flyers)car accident1985
Al LucasAmericanAmerican football playerspinal cord injury during game2005
Ulrike MaierAustrianAlpine skierskiing accident while racing1994
Tommaso MasaccioRepublic of Florenceartistunknown cause of death1428
Jimmy McCullochScottishguitarist (Wings)heroin overdose1979
Barbara Yung Mei-lingChineseactressSuicide1985
Ashleigh Aston MooreCanadianactressdrug overdose2007
Aidin Nikkhah BahramiIranianbasketball playercar accident2007
Yutaka OzakiJapanesemusicianpossibly pulmonary edema1992
Raymond PaleyEnglishmathematicianskiing accident1933
Jose PalmaFilipinopoet, lyricist of Philippine national anthemunknown1903
Gram ParsonsAmericanfolk and country-rock singer (The Byrds)drug overdose1973
Giovanni Battista PergolesiItaliancomposertuberculosis1736
Sandor PetofiHungarianpoetkilled in Battle of Segesvar1849
Brian PiccoloAmericanAmerican footballrunning back (Chicago Bears)testicular cancer that metastasised into lung cancer1970
Tose ProeskiMacedoniansingercar accident2007
Hermano PuleFilipinocult leader and revolutionaryexecution1841
James "Baby Huey" RameyAmericanmusiciandrug overdose1970
Frank P. RamseyEnglisheconomist, philosopher and mathematicianjaundice1930
Otis ReddingAmericansoul singeraircraft crash1967
Gustav RochGermanmathematiciantuberculosis1866
Jarno SaarinenFinnishmotorcyclistmotorcycle accident1973
Louis de Saint-JustFrenchrevolutionary leaderexecution1794
Alisher SaipovKyrgyzjournalistgunshot2007
Dave SandsAustralianboxertruck accident1952
Hillel SlovakIsraelirock guitarist (Red Hot Chili Peppers)heroin overdose1988
Joey StefanoAmericanporn stardrug overdose1994
Pekka StrengFinnishprogressive rock-musiciansarcoma1975
Jung Da BinSouth Koreanactresssuicide2007
Sharon TateAmericanactresshomicide by followers of Charles Manson1969
Tommy TaylorBritishSoccer playerMunich Air Disaster1958
Olive ThomasAmericanactressaccidental overdose of mercury bichloride1920
Hans Hermann von KattePrussianroyal's loverexecution1730
David Di TommasoFrenchFrench footballercardiac arrest2005
Kamimura Ukyou/Kami (musician)JapaneseDrummer to the visual kei band, Malice Mizersubarachnoid hemorrhage1999
Vicki Van MeterAmericanyoungest pilot to fly across the continental United Statessuicide2008
Petri WalliFinnishrock-singer (Kingston Wall)suicide1995
Robert Gould ShawAmericanColonel - 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (U.S. Army)Killed during the assault on Fort Wagner, SC1863
Famous People who Died Young Aged 27
Alfonso XIISpanishkingtuberculosis1885
Dave AlexanderAmericanbassist (The Stooges)pneumonia1974
Jean-Michel BasquiatAmericanartistheroin overdose1988
Chris BellAmericanmusiciancar accident1978
Stefan BellofGermanWorld Sportscar Championship and Formula 1 driverCar accident in a race1985
Jesse BelvinAmericanR&B singer and songwriter ("Earth Angel")car accident1960
D. BoonAmericanpunk rock musician (The Minutemen)car accident1985
John Wilkes BoothAmericanassassin of President Abraham Lincolngunshot1865
Jonathan BrandisAmericanactorsuicide2003
Rupert BrookeBritishpoetseptic pneumonia1915
Barry BrownAmericanactorsuicide1978
Louis ChauvinAmericanragtime musiciansyphilis1908
Kurt CobainAmericangrunge singer/guitarist (Nirvana)gunshot after lethal overdose of heroin, ruled suicide1994
Andrew CunananAmericanspree killersuicide1997
Pete de FreitasTrinidadiandrummer (Echo & The Bunnymen)motorcycle accident1989
Gloria DicksonAmericanactressasphyxiation in a house fire1945
Andres EscobarColombianfootballershot1994
Alain-FournierFrenchauthor and soldierkilled in battle during World War I1914
King GhaziIraqikingpossible murder1939
Gregory VPapal Statespopepossible poison999
Johann Christian GuntherGermanBaroque poettuberculosis1723
Peter HamBritishmusician (Badfinger)suicide by hanging1975
Robert HarronAmericanactorgun accident1920
Les HarveyScottishguitarist (Stone the Crows)electrocution1972
Jimi HendrixAmericanhard rock guitarist/singerchoked on own vomit1970
Jon HookerAmericanformer University of Kentucky baseball pitcherplane crash2006
Paul HunterBritishsnooker playercancer2006
John XIIPapal Statespopeassassination (presumably because of jealousy)964
Robert JohnsonAmericandelta blues guitarist/singeralleged poisoning1938
Brian JonesBritishrock guitarist (The Rolling Stones)drug-related drowning, possibly homicide1969
Janis JoplinAmericanrock/soul singer (Big Brother & the Holding Company)heroin overdose1970
Terrence KielAmericanfootball playercar accident2008
Johnny KiddBritishrock-singermotor car accident1966
Jules LaforgueFrenchpoettuberculosis1887
William Henry Lane, "Master Juba"Americandancer and entertainerunknown1852
Reggie LewisAmericanbasketball player (Boston Celtics)heart attack1993
Li HeChinesepoetunknown816/817
Ron "Pigpen" McKernanAmericanrock/blues singer (The Grateful Dead)gastrointestinal hemorrhage1973
Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man)BritishDeformed celebrity of Victorian Londonsuffocation, possibly suicide1890
Jim MorrisonAmericanrock singer (The Doors)Heart failure1971
Henry MoseleyBritishphysicistkilled in action1915
Masako NatsumeJapaneseactressacute myeloid leukemia1985
Steve OlinAmericanMajor League Baseball pitcherboating accident1993
Kristen PfaffAmericanrock/bassist (Hole)heroin overdose1994
Francois ProthFrenchmathematicianunknown1879
William QuantrillAmericanConfederate guerrillaKilled by Union army1865
Bobby SandsNorthern Irishhunger striker, British Member of Parliamentself-imposed starvation1981
Abraham Sarmiento, Jr.Filipinojournalist and student-activistheart attack after health weakened by imprisonment1977
Korey StringerAmericanNFL playercomplications of heatstroke2001
Gary ThainNew Zealanderbassist (Uriah Heep)drug overdose1975
Thuy TrangVietnamese/AmericanActresscar accident2001
Pat TillmanAmericanNFL player"friendly fire" in Afghanistan2004
Georg TraklGermanExpressionist poetsuicide1914
Jeremy Michael WardAmericansound technician (The Mars Volta)heroin overdose2003
Alan WilsonAmericanblues rock singer and songwriter (Canned Heat)barbiturate overdose1970
Rico YanFilipinoactoreither acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis or bangungot2002
Mia ZapataAmericanlead singer (The Gits)murdered1993
Famous People who Died Young Aged 28
Isabella BeetonEnglishauthor of "Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management"puerperal fever1865
The Big BopperAmericanRock & roll singeraircraft crash1959
Big PunAmericanrapperheart attack brought on by obesity2000
Lyman BostockAmericanbaseball playergunshot to the head1978
Hristo BotevBulgarianpoet and national revolutionarykilled in battle1876
Elisa BridgesAmericanPlayboy modeldrug overdose2002
Tim BuckleyAmericanfolk singerdrug overdose1975
Roger ByrneEnglishfootballer (Manchester United)Munich air disaster1958
CaligulaRomanemperorassassinationAD 41
Jason CollierAmericanbasketball playercardiac arrest2005
Stephen CraneAmericannovelisttuberculosis1900
Maggie DixonAmericanWomen's basketball coachcardiac arrest2006
Jim ElliotAmericanChristian missionarykilled by Huaorani Indians1956
Marc-Vivien FoeCameroonianfootballerheart attack during match2003
John GlascockBritishbassist (Jethro Tull)congenital heart defect1979
Keith GreenAmericanGospel music pioneerplane crash1982
Sergei GrinkovRussianOlympic pairs skaterheart attack1995
Shannon HoonAmericanrock singer (Blind Melon)drug overdose1995
Hsu Wei LunTaiwaneseActresscardiac arrest following car accident2007
Sarah KaneBritishplaywrightsuicide1999
Fanny KaplanRussianAttempted assassin of LeninShot1918
David KennedyAmericanson of RFKdrug overdose1984
Joe KennedyAmericanbaseball pitcherhypertensive heart disease2007
Kathleen KennedyAmericansister of JFKplane crash1948
Heath LedgerAustralianActorAccidental prescription drug overdose2008
Brandon LeeAmericanactoraccidentally shot when prop gun malfunctioned on set of The Crow1993
Jules LeotardFrenchacrobat; inventor of the leotardsmallpox or cholera1870
Maria MalibranSpanish-FrenchsingerFall from a horse1836
Jesse MarundeAmericanStrongman athleteHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy2007
Timo K. MukkaFinnishauthor and poetheart failure1973
NovalisGermanpoet and philosophertuberculosis1801
Bradley NowellAmericanreggae/ska/punk rock/hip hop singer (Sublime)heroin overdose1996
Chaswe NsofwaZambiansoccer strikerheart attack2007
Drazen PetrovicYugoslavianbasketball playercar accident1993
Philip I of Castilefirst Habsburg ruler of Spainfever1506
Jochen RindtAustrianFormula 1 racing drivercrash during race practice1970
Alexandru SahiaRomanianauthortuberculosis1937
Egon SchieleAustrianpainterinfluenza1918
Edie SedgwickAmericanactressbarbiturate overdose1971
Ryan ShayAmericanmarathonercollapsed during marathon2007
Alexander Fu ShengChineseactorcar accident1983
Luigi TencoItaliansingersuicide1967
Jason ThirskAmericanrock bassist (Pennywise)suicide1996
Viktor TsoiRussianrock music musician singercar accident1990
Yu XuanjiChineseFemale poetexecuted for beating her maid to deathc.871
Famous People who Died Young Aged 29
Major BoothEnglishcricketerdied in action on the Somme1916
Christine ChubbuckAmericannews reportersuicide1974
Rafael Moreno AranzadiSpanishfootballer, gave his nickname to the Pichichi trophytyphoid1922
David BaconAmericanactorpossible murder1943
Marc BolanBritishrock musician (T.Rex)car accident1977
Walt BondAmericanbaseball playerleukemia1967
David BrainerdAmericanmissionarytuberculosis1747
Anne BronteEnglishnovelisttuberculosis1849
Merritt ButrickAmericanactorAIDS1989
Ken WadsworthNew Zealandercricketerskin cancer1976
Erik BrodreskiftNorwegianblack metal drummersuicide by drug overdose1999
Ray ChapmanAmericanbaseball player (Cleveland Indians)hit in head by a pitch from Carl Mays1920
Maria CioncanRomanianrunnercar accident2007
Diego CorralesAmericanlightweight boxermotorcycle accident2007
Candy DarlingAmericanactressleukemia1974
Fred GraceEnglishcricketerpneumonia1880
Howell DavisWelshpiratehomicide1719
Charmaine DragunAustraliannews presenterapparent suicide2007
Feodor DeahnaGermanmathematicianunknown1844
Sabine DunserLiechtensteinsingercerebral haemorrhage2006
Dipendra of NepalNepalicrown prince and briefly kingalleged suicide by gunshot2001
Ferdinand EisensteinGermanmathematiciantuberculosis1852
Astrid of BelgiumBelgianqueencar accident1935
Josh HancockAmericanbaseball pitchercar accident2007
Mike HawthornEnglishracing drivercar accident1959
"Barbecue Bob" HicksAmericanblues singerpneumonia1931
George JacksonAmericanmilitantshot while attempting to escape prison1971
Claudia JenningsAmericanPlayboy modelcar accident1979
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.Americanbrother of JFKkilled in action1944
Ernst KnaackGermanresistance fighterexecution1944
Barbara La MarrAmericanactresstuberculosis and nephritis1926
Carole LandisAmericanactresssuicide1948
Anna LoginovaRussianbodyguard and modelcarjacking2008
Christopher MarloweEnglishRenaissance playwright and poet, rival of Shakespearedagger wound during knife-fight1593
Bill MastertonCanadianice hockey player (Minnesota North Stars)on-ice head injury1968
Robert Murray M'CheyneScottishministertyphus1843
Bubber MileyAmericanjazz-musiciantuberculosis1932
Davey MooreAmericanboxerdied from complications of boxing match against Sugar Ramos1963
Davey MooreAmericanboxercrushed by his own car1988
Darrell RussellAmericanAmerican football playercar crash2005
DJ ScrewAmericanmusicianoverdose of codeine2000
Eugen SchaumanFinnishnationalist, Nikolai Ivanovich Bobrikov's assassinsuicide1904
Ingo SchwichtenbergGermandrummer (Helloween)suicide1995
Percy Bysshe ShelleyEnglishRomantic poet (Ozymandias)drowned at sea during storm1822
Tom SimpsonBritishprofessional cyclistexhaustion during Tour de France1967
David StricklandAmericanactorsuicide1999
Elmer SymonsSouth Africanmotorcyclistaccident during race2007
Michelle ThomasAmericanactressstomach cancer1998
Ronnie Van ZantAmericansinger (Lynyrd Skynyrd)aircraft crash1977
Jean VigoFrenchFilm makertuberculosis1934
Hank WilliamsAmericancountry musicianaccidental overdose of morphine and alcohol1953
Don WilsonAmericanbaseball pitcheraccidental1975
Valentina ZiminaRussian-Americanactressinfluenza1928

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