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First Response Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test can tell a woman 6 days sooner than her missed period, and it is over 99% accurate.

Innovative news reader App NewsBot 2 is fully compatible with VoiceOver, allowing visually impaired or blind people to keep in touch with their favourite newspapers.

A meeting between developers, designers and citizens eager to share ideas and start developing applications accessible to people with disabilities.

Sesame Enable unveils app that turns Android into touch-free smartphone enabling millions with disabilities to use smartphones independently for the first time.

Parent PAL a Progress Activity Log is a unique app for parents of children with complex health needs.

Moovit App Version 4.10 with accessible features enables more blind users to navigate public transportation.

Open eBooks digital reading material initiative and e-reader app provides eBooks available to children in need for free.

Autism & Beyond App screens for autism by reading facial expressions of children for emotional cues.

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