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Guidosimplex Hand Controls for Drivers with Disabilities
Information regarding Guidosimplex Hand Controls the latest device in hand control technology for disabled drivers - Published: 2014-03-02
Safe Driving and Car Modifications for Seniors
For seniors keeping that reputation as safer drivers goes beyond the addition of turnout seats and pedal extenders - Published: 2013-03-13
Turny Evo Assists People with Limited Mobility Enter and Exit Vehicles
Turny Evo swivels the car seat out of the car and lowers it to the height of the wheelchair - Published: 2012-03-13
Peddle Master - Easy to Use Portable Hand Controls for Your Car
Peddle Master hand controls are a versatile cheaper and portable product for adaptive driving for persons with disabilities and limited mobility - Published: 2012-01-05
Peugeot Impulse the New Drive From Disability Car
The Peugeot Impulse is a clever new disability car from UK conversion specialists Allied Mobility - Published: 2011-04-28
Why Seniors Are Generally Less Astute Drivers
When elderly drivers get behind the wheel they often cannot easily see other cars pedestrians or cyclists around them - Published: 2011-01-28
Blind Man to Drive at Daytona Speedway
Mr. Riccobono will be behind the wheel of a Ford Escape hybrid equipped with non-visual technology allowing a blind person to drive it independently - Published: 2011-01-28
State-Of-The-Art Vehicle to Assist People with Disabilities
MRC state-of-the-art motor vehicle equipped with adaptive evaluation and training devices that will help promote independence and employment for people with disabilities - Published: 2010-11-17
Obtaining Car Insurance without Drivers License
Contrary to popular belief a drivers license is not necessarily a prerequisite to obtain car insurance coverage - Published: 2010-09-28
MWC 2010: FlashFind Fast Search on GPS and Mobile Devices
Prefix-based search functions such as Spotlight (iPhone) or Quick Search Box (Android) - Published: 2010-02-05
Motorcycle Engineering Innovations for Disabled
Building a hand-controlled motorcycle suitable for a paraplegic rider - Published: 2009-10-18
Making an RV Disability Accessible
An RV can be made disability accessible and be equipped with hand controls and lifts - Published: 2009-07-15
GPS Navigation System for Finding Disability Parking Spaces
Navevo has developed a BBNav GPS system designed specifically to help drivers and passengers with disabilities find parking spaces - Published: 2009-02-11
GPS Navigation Systems for Directionally Challenged People
Examines the use of handy portable and hand held gps navigation systems for vehicles and hiking directions - Published: 2009-02-11
Wheelchair Carriers for Vans and Cars
Types of wheelchair carriers designed for vans and cars including rooftop and bumper mounted carriers - Published: 2009-02-09
Hand Controls for Vehicles
Hand controls are equipment and devices that allow a person with limited or no lower body or leg movement to drive a vehicle using hands only - Published: 2009-02-08
Adapted Vehicles Driving for the Disabled
Driving an adapted vehicle instead of being the passenger is the difference between being dependent on others or independent - Published: 2009-02-08
GM's Mobility Program now Includes Saab
General Motors has recently announced the addition of the entire line of Saab vehicles into their GM Mobility program - Published: 2008-10-02