NPointer - Hand or Arm Gestures Control Computer Without Mouse or Touchpad

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Assistive Computer Devices & Software - Disabled World
Tobii PCEye - Eye Tracking Control for Computers - The Tobii PCEye eye tracking system allows you to put away the mouse and use your eyes to tell your computer what to do.
Tongue Drive Wireless Device Operates Computers and Wheelchairs - Tongue Drive wireless device enables people with high level spinal cord injuries to operate a computer and maneuver an electrically powered wheelchair by moving their tongue.
  • Camera Mouse - Control Your Mouse Pointer with Head Movements - Camera Mouse is a free program that allows you to control the mouse pointer on a Windows computer just by moving your head.
  • Using Mind Power to Control a Computer - Manipulating complex visual images on a computer screen using only mind power of the brain.
    Brain Power - Thought Controlled Computer Mouse - Application allows user to navigate computer click and open programs send email with the power of their brain.

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