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Published 2015-06-17 (Rev. 2015-11-18) -- Launch of a brand new durable, easy to use smartphone for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Contact Details: For further information please contact XL-Viewer at John Meyers - 31-646-230-272 - John.XLViewer@gmail.com

Quote: "By combining XL-VIEWER proprietary software and hardware, the company has created a powerful concept for a reliable phone for seniors."

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The forward-thinking team at XL-VIEWER & X-Systems is proud to announce the launch of a brand new smartphone developed for senior citizens.

The new smartphone features a large screen, large fonts, easy to use buttons, and a special panic button feature. The company has also announced a Kickstarter campaign that will help ensure the public receives this smartphone.

XL-VIEWER 4G Smartphone for Elderly, Seniors and Persons with a Disability

XL-VIEWER specializes in creating rugged, all-weather devices, including smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, and more.

The decision to branch out to create a durable, easy to use smartphone for seniors comes as more and more senior citizens adopt smartphone technology but incur difficulty actually using many mainstream devices.

The XL- VIEWER is rugged and designed to withstand water, shock, drops, and more. Whether a senior drops the XL-VIEWER into a sink of water or drops it down the stairs, they have the peace of mind in knowing that their phone is durable and resistant to water and drops.

By combining XL-VIEWER proprietary software and hardware, the company has created a powerful concept for a reliable phone for seniors.

Designed for worry-free usage, the new smartphone contains features such as the SOS button, 2-way SOS calling, large buttons, multiple languages, and more.

By launching the new Kickstarter campaign for the XL-VIEWER 4G Smartphone, XL-VIEWER hopes to raise awareness for senior citizen-tailored technology while raising funds to distribute the new smartphone to seniors everywhere.

Pledgers will receive exclusive benefits, which can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page of XL-VIEWER.

The company's team is excited to launch the Kickstarter campaign for XL-VIEWER and looks forward to gaging public response for the device while awarding pledgers with exclusive perks.

More information can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/89248698/elderly-seniors-and-disabled-person-friendly-smart

XL Viewer Smartphone Features
XL Viewer Smartphone Features

XL Viewer Smartphone Specs
XL Viewer Smartphone Specs

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