Universal Design: Seniors & Disability Information Document List

Publication List:

University of Washington researchers release new guidelines aimed at ensuring makerspaces are accessible to people with disabilities - Published: 2015-08-06

Independence in the bathroom is one of the most challenging tasks for accessibility and safety in the home - Published: 2013-06-03

People with disabilities who are considering the purchase of a home need to assess their accessibility needs - Published: 2013-01-19

Tips to help you stretch and organize your living space with universally designed accessible storage - Published: 2011-05-05

Obama Administration Funding for Assisted Living Senior Housing Poses Challenge in Converting Existing Structures - Published: 2010-08-02

Designing open spaces and wide home entryways give access to wheelchairs and help prevent injuries using universal design ideas - Published: 2009-02-10

Universal House Design is a design trend focused on accommodating special needs of seniors and people with disability - Published: 2009-02-04