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Audio Fox Undercover Wireless TV Speaker System delivers sound directly to ears, with stereo speakers encased in cushioned fabric draped over back of chair.

Mimi Hearing Technologies releases the second version of its iOS app Mimi Music.

Changing the way music sounds to be more enjoyable for listeners with cochlear implants.

ZPower to feature rechargeable system for hearing aids at AHAA 2016 convention February 10 - 13, Las Vegas, Nevada.

FCC agreement between consumer advocates and industry associations as pathway to 100% compatibility for wireless devices.

The hearing aids can be controlled by iPhone and Android devices, and are clinically proven to outperform people with normal hearing in background noise.

Loudspeaker system helps people with hearing disabilities listen to television without affecting sound for other viewers.

Medical & More announces the release of the NewEAR Amplifier, an affordable sound amplification device worn discreetly behind the ear.

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