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Disability Transfer Hoists & Stair Lifts Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Transfer Hoists and Lifts category.

Publication List:

ADA Swimming Pool Lift Chair Compliance
Information and new regulations regarding ADA swimming pool and spa compliance access for persons with disabilities - Published: 2011-10-11
Wheelchair Lift for Home or Business Access Needs
The MovemanSKG's new wheelchair platform lift is perfect for companies with access needs - Published: 2009-09-03
Ceiling Track Lift Systems for Seniors and People with Disability
The design of patient slings to virtually any area of the home make a ceiling lift an indispensable accessibility tool - Published: 2009-02-11
Installing Home Elevators for Elderly or Disabled
If your residence is fitted with a narrow or curved stairway you might consider the advantages of a home elevator to a stair lift - Published: 2009-02-09
Wheelchair Stair Lifts: General Information
Information on wheelchair stair lifts a motorized means of carrying a person seated in a wheelchair up and down stairs - Published: 2009-02-09
Information Regarding Hoists and Lifts for Persons with Disability
Examines the types of patient hoists available when a lift and transfer is needed for seniors and people with a disability - Published: 2009-02-08


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