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Scalp cooling is a safe, feasible and an effective treatment in the prevention of chemotherapy induced alopecia.

World IoT in healthcare market anticipated to grow owing to wearable smart devices, increasing need for stringent regulations and decreasing cost of sensor technology.

Oxxiom wireless, continuous, fully disposable, single-use pulse oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index.

Review of Dr. Salvino's Plantar Fasciitis Kit designed for the relief of heel and foot pain.

Information regarding the pros and cons of whether health or therapy magnets actually work.

New smart bandage uses electrical currents to detect early tissue damage from pressure ulcers, or bedsores.

Paxman scalp coolers showed cooling markedly reduced or completely stopped hair follicles from dying during chemotherapy.

eHealth interventions can increase mobility and quality of life for patients with LSS and potentially alleviate need for invasive surgical procedures.

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