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New collaborative research program will explore potential of wearable devices to help prevent and treat depression, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Information regarding components and operation of home medical alert systems.

Withings Thermo Wi-Fi-connected temporal artery thermometer provides fast, accurate, non-invasive body temperature readings.

Dip a Stick provides an accurate way to detect signs of diabetes and is inexpensive, painless and easy to use.

Types, function, and information regarding nebulizers and the potential benefits of using one.

Smart-inhaler device called the SmartTrack by Nexus6 includes audio visual reminder function with standard inhaler technology.

LifeVest personal defibrillator delivers a shock to restore the heart to a regular rhythm and is worn by people at risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Evermind is an affordable monitoring solution enabling seniors and others who live alone, and their family members, peace of mind.

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