Mobility Walking Aids: Information & Reviews

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The KMINA new revolutionary design crutch concept improves mobility and quality of life of users by reducing pain in hands, wrists and shoulders.

Scientists test the first minimally-invasive brain-machine interface - designed to control an exoskeleton with the power of thought.

First time a person with chronic, complete paralysis has regained enough voluntary control to actively work with a robotic exoskeleton designed to enhance mobility.

Special tips on the Sand-Pad Beach Crutch allows disabled and injured people to use crutches and canes at the beach without sinking in the sand.

Important considerations of selecting your four wheeled walker with a seat.

Free standing tripod based walking cane that enhances stability throughout the normal gait cycle.

Elderly adults who use canes and walkers as walking aids should be assessed and fitted by a physical therapist to avoid fall related injuries.

CaneBuddy is the most affordable and useful cane holder item available today and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

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