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Difference Between How Women and Men Choose Partners
Concordia University research points to surprising new evidence about how we select our mates - Published: 2014-05-01
Dating Tips For Seniors and Baby Boomers
Online dating tips for seniors and baby boomers plus sites where you can socialize and communicate with other single seniors - Published: 2009-02-17
The Risks of Online Dating
Online dating safety tips including warning signs when talking to people on the Internet - Published: 2009-02-16
Things to do on a Date
Dating is not only about having a good time with your partner accompanied by candlelight flowers a little wine and some soft music - Published: 2009-02-14
How to Flirt with a Female or Male
It is hard enough to flirt with someone you are interested in offline how on earth do you flirt when you are dating online - Published: 2009-02-13
Your First Date with a Girl
Things to do and not do on your first date with a girl if you are nervous - Published: 2009-02-12
Dating Advice for Women
It can be difficult to be a woman in the dating scene and a lot can go wrong for you more so than for your male counterpart - Published: 2009-02-12
Rules for a Successful Date
The easiest way to meet women and men is to be approachable and make new friends - Published: 2009-02-12
First Date Advice
The first date is especially a time to be on your best polished behavior while also being yourself - Published: 2009-02-12
Find Love Online
Explains how you can find love online through online dating websites for men and women - Published: 2009-02-12
How to Stop Being Nervous on a First Date
How to calm those nervous first date jitters and be confident in yourself when dating the opposite sex - Published: 2009-02-12
To go Dutch or Not to go Dutch when Dating
The rule of thumb is the person who is doing the asking out should pay whether they be male or female - Published: 2009-02-12
Learn How To Kiss Properly
Learn the art of kissing and how men should kiss a woman with the perfect kiss technique - Published: 2008-11-08