Instant Messengers: Disability Use & Information

Latest Instant Messengers Publications

AT&T and AOLs AIM instant messaging service for people with hearing and speech loss.

Review of QQ IM Instant Message Service by Tencent the most popular free instant messaging computer program in mainland China.

ICQ Messenger features include sending text messages offline messages multi-user chats free SMS sending file transfers greeting cards and multiplayer games.

Yahoo Messenger is a free instant messaging client or IM by Yahoo allowing you to chat online by voice and cell phone.

Google Talk an Instant Messenger from Google allows you to make voice calls and transfer files Instant message friends family and business contacts.

Windows Live Messengers previous name was MSN Messenger or MSN for short an instant messaging client for Windows PCs.

Meebo is a website for instant messaging where you can access all of your buddies on AIM Yahoo MSN Google Talk ICQ and Jabber.

AIM Instant Messenger is a free IM from AOL enabling users to send and respond to messages and the ability to share files pictures and links.

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