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What is The Color Of Care?
What is The Color Of Care is a song written by Pastor Kevin McCray a Song Writer/Poet from Hammond, LA - Published: 2016-10-06
Hard to Escape: A Collection of Disability Poems
A collection of poetry relating to disability by Alyssa D'Amico - Published: 2015-05-13
Our Paralympics - The Challenges We Face Every Day
Guest post and short poem entitled Our Paralymics by Kuli Kohli - Published: 2013-12-10
Multiple Sclerosis Poems by Mary Pettigrew
Four original poems written by Mary P. Pettigrew relating to living with Multiple Sclerosis - Published: 2013-06-14
Capturing Disease Through Poetry
Poem from Shapes of Water poems explore coming of age with cystic fibrosis developing relationships yearning for independence gaining self-understanding dealing with loss and coming to terms - Published: 2012-07-20
Christina's Courage - A Disability Poem by Richard M. Deets
Christinas Courage by Richard M. Deets is a piece of poetry relating to disability - Published: 2012-03-15
Did Elizabeth Barrett Browning Have Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis
Did Elizabeth Barrett Browning have hypokalemic periodic paralysis HKPP a muscle disorder that causes blood levels of potassium to fall - Published: 2011-12-20
Please Don't Stare - Poem
Please Do not Stare - A Poem regarding disability submitted by ebb - Published: 2011-06-10
I'll Try Anything Once - Poem
I'll Try Anything Once is a Poem by Liz Whiteacre relating to spinal injury and disability - Published: 2011-05-19
It's for My Own Good - Poem
It is for My Own Good is a Poem by Liz Whiteacre relating to spinal injury and disability - Published: 2011-05-19
Poetry Book Guides Readers on Journey of Self-Discovery
In her debut book Unclipped Wings author Ramona Harvey brings readers on a journey of self-discovery - Published: 2011-03-28
I Am Not - A Poem by Sheila Radziewicz
I Am Not is a poem written by Sheila Radziewicz that defines her life as a woman with a disability - Published: 2011-02-26
Singing in the Shower - Poem
Singing in the Shower a poem by Kenneth Nye relating to Parkinsons Disease - Published: 2011-01-21
If I Live to be an Old Man - Poem
Poem composed by Kenneth Nye titled If I Live to be an Old Man relating to Parkinsons disease - Published: 2011-01-20
In Sickness and in Health
Disability poem about Parkinsons disease titled In Sickness and in Health by Kenneth Nye - Published: 2011-01-20
I Will Win - A Poem About Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis
I Will Win is a Poem Submitted by Kenneth Nye Relating to Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis - Published: 2010-12-30
The Boy Who Was Seen, Not His Wheels - Disability Poem
The Boy Who Was Seen, Not His Wheels - A Disability Poem submitted by Michele Sutphin - Published: 2010-07-18
Let Me Try, God Does - Disability Poem - Disabled World
Disability poem Let Me Try God Does written by Michele Sutphin - Published: 2010-05-06
National Poetry Contest Winners - Disability in the Workplace
Words about Work! is a national poetry contest that was open to adults and children and sponsored by Fedcap - Published: 2010-04-19
My Father's Blind Son - Ron Graham - Disability Poetry
Original disability poetry by Ron Graham - My Father's Blind Son - Published: 2010-03-17
Autism and Journey - Someday Soon
A lyrical response to the I Am Autism video clip that is far more positive - Autism and Journey - Someday Soon - Published: 2009-09-28