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Definitions and Glossary of Adaptive and Assistive Technology Terms
Definitions and glossary of terms used to describe adaptive and assistive technology products and aides - Published: 2016-09-24
Disability Pride: Definitions & Awareness Information
Article looks at the concept of the Disability Pride movement and what it means to the community - Published: 2015-07-03
List of Health, Medical & Disability Lists
Disabled World presents a list of lists relating to disability, health and medical information including definitions and glossaries - Published: 2015-06-09
A - Z List of Neurological Disorders
Alphabetical list of currently known Human Neurological Conditions including short definitions for each disorder - Published: 2015-04-08
Bioethics: Basic Definition & Principles
Defines bioethics, the discipline dealing with ethical implications of biological research and applications in medicine including the four principles - Published: 2015-02-16
Definitions of Telemedicine Fields
Glossary list of various fields and terms used in Telemedicine electronic communication - Published: 2015-01-23
Post-2015 Development Agenda - Brief Outline and Definition
A brief outline of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, a process led by the United Nations - Published: 2014-09-23
Sheltered Workshops: History and Definition
Information and history of the term sheltered workshop in relation to disabilities - Published: 2014-02-18
Social Security Disability Terms
A list of disability terminology used by US department of Social Security and what they mean - Published: 2013-06-06
ADA Accessibility Terms and Definitions
Glossary of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility terms and guidelines - Published: 2013-06-05
Hospital Departments: Definitions & Lists
Definitions and descriptions of the most common hospital departments and services provided - Published: 2013-03-06
Hemiplegia Definition and Information
Hemiplegia is a condition which affects one side of the body only - hemi comes from the Greek word meaning half - Published: 2012-01-24
What is Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY)
Disability adjusted life year is a measure of overall disease burden expressed as the number of years lost due to ill-health disability or early death - Published: 2011-11-07
Disability or Disabled - Which Term is Right
Differences and similarities in disability and disabled terminology including the right term to use - Published: 2011-09-01
Disability Alphabet Soup: Sorting Through the Maze of Legal Abbreviations
If you are disabled and cannot work you may be entitled to benefits from a number of different sources - Published: 2010-10-28
What is Paraplegia: Paraplegic Facts & Definition
Facts and definition regarding Paraplegia a paralysis of the lower half of the body including both leg, usually caused by damage to the spinal cord - Published: 2010-10-09
What is Quadriplegia: Quadriplegic Facts & Definition
Facts and definition regarding Quadriplegia a four limb paralysis also known as Tetraplegia Persons having Quadriplegia are referred to as quadriplegics - Published: 2010-09-26
Definitions of The Models of Disability
Glossary list of definitions and explanations of the Models of Disability in society today - Published: 2010-09-10
AAIDD Definition of Intellectual Disability - SSA Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders
The AAIDD Definition of Intellectual Disability Cited in SSA Proposed Revision of Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders - Published: 2010-09-07
Stairlift Glossary of Terms
Stairlift jargon made easier a complete guide to understanding stairlift terminology - Published: 2010-06-30
Definitions of Disability
Definitions of Disability a word used in daily conversations that holds different meanings for different people - Published: 2009-12-23
Definition of Back Pain Terms
Definition of various terms used to describe types of back pain - Published: 2009-09-05
Definition of Online Copyright Materials
The use of copyrighted materials that are available on the Internet requires a certain amount of understanding and awareness - Published: 2009-05-01
Dental Definitions: Glossary of Dental Terms
Before your next dental visit brush up on some of the terms and definitions your dentist may use - Published: 2009-03-17
Prostate Glossary of Definitions
Definitions and terminology used to describe male prostate problems and surgery methods - Published: 2009-02-18
Glossary of US Veteran Affairs Definitions
Glossary of US VA terms and definitions when dealing with the US department of veterans affairs - Published: 2009-02-17
Environmental Health Glossary
Glossary of terms and definitions used in government reports engineering studies and health literature online and off - Published: 2009-02-17
Defining Disability Today
Two models used for deriving the definition of disability are known as the medical model and the social model - Published: 2009-01-15
Definition of the ADA
The goal of the ADA is to ensure no person with a disability is turned down for a job or promotion or refused entry to a public access area - Published: 2009-01-14
Definition of Sensory Integration
The field of Sensory Integration exists as both a theory of neurological function and the process of the human body and mind - Published: 2009-01-13
Glossary & Pronunciation of Medical Terminology
A to Z definition of medical and disability terms and health conditions - Published: 2009-01-11
Phobias: List With Explanations of Each Phobia
List and definitions of some of the more common phobias in children and adults including social phobia - Published: 2009-01-11
Definitions and Pronunciation of Medical Terms
Definitions including how to pronounce various medical conditions including medication glossary and terms - Published: 2009-01-11
Glossary of Gerontology Definitions
Glossary of definitions and terms for Gerontology the study of social psychological and biological aspects of aging - Published: 2009-01-11
Special Education Acronyms and Their Meanings
Definitions of what some of the acronyms in special education mean regarding disability - Published: 2008-12-31
List of Types of Cancer and Tumors
List of names of nearly all types of cancers which can effect the human body - Published: 2008-12-30
Caregiver Glossary of Terms
Many terms used in the caregiving or life care industry can be confusing this glossary explains some of the meanings of caregiver terms - Published: 2008-12-10