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NIST Study Provides Voice for Evacuation Needs of Mobility Impaired
Findings based on concerns, insights and opinions of people with mobility impairments provides guidance for helping them get safely out of multistory buildings during emergencies - Published: 2016-08-26
Louisiana Federal Disaster Assistance for Affected Individuals and Families
Federal disaster aid available to State of Louisiana to supplement state, tribal, and local recovery efforts in area affected by severe storms and flooding - Published: 2016-08-15
Emergency Evacuation Orders - Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Researchers studying evacuation data and predictors publish papers that may improve prediction models used by emergency planners, leading to more efficient evacuations and possibly saving lives - Published: 2016-06-24
What to Do if You Are Stuck in an Elevator
Important information and guidelines to follow if you are stuck in a stalled elevator or lift - Published: 2016-01-19
Nuclear Fallout: Health Issues & Emergency Planning
Article looks at consequences of radioactive fallout from a nuclear blast, and includes emergency planning tips - Published: 2016-01-09
Will Lack of Evacuation Plans Put Disabled Workers at Risk?
Number of workplaces failing to use an evacuation plan for disabled staff in the UK is at a shocking low - Published: 2015-12-11
Extreme Cold Weather: Staying Safe
Bumps, bruises and sprain Injuries from slips and falls on ice are common, as well as serious conditions like frostbite and hypothermia - Published: 2015-01-07
Senior New Yorkers Should Plan for the Hurricane Season
Tips on preparing for hurricanes and ensuring the safety of seniors in the wake of disasters - Published: 2014-07-05
Surviving a Lightning Strike: Information and Health Effects
Information including a list of possible after effects experienced following a lightning strike to the body - Published: 2013-10-28
Tornadoes and People with Disabilities
People with disabilities or medical conditions might have to take additional steps to protect themselves during an emergency such as a tornado - Published: 2013-06-02
Dangers of Residing in Aging Apartment Buildings
Article examines safety aspects of living in older apartment buildings including fire risk and emergency escape plans - Published: 2013-02-24
Hurricane Sandy Online ELA Disaster Loan Applications
Electronic loan application (ELA) for homeowners renters and businesses to apply for a disaster loan for Hurricane Sandy damages in New York - Published: 2012-11-06
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Global Health Impacts
Radiation released from Fukushima Daiichi meltdown contaminated a zone around the plant and low levels of radioactive material were found in North America and Europe - Published: 2012-07-17
Emergency Services - There When You Need Them Most
In the Colorado Springs area we live there are many Seniors People with Disabilities and Veterans as well as children and others - Published: 2012-07-04
Wildfires - Before, During and After the Crisis
Preparing for a wildfire is essential homes that survive a wildfire do because the owners prepared for possibility of a fire - Published: 2012-07-02
211 Services - United States and Canada
Information and links to 2-1-1 phone and website services in the United States and Canada - Published: 2012-06-08
Natural Disasters - Stress, Children, and Coping
Information for families on coping with anxiety and stress in the aftermath of natural disasters - Published: 2012-04-30
Receiving Disaster Aid Does Not Result in Loss of Social Security Benefits
Recipients of FEMA disaster assistance grants do not pay additional tax lose their Social Security or disability benefits or face reduction in benefits - Published: 2011-11-09
What to Do After A Hurricane Strikes
Warning and information for residents in hurricane impacted areas regarding deadly dangers that can remain after Hurricane Irene strikes - Published: 2011-08-27
Helping Children Prepare for Disasters
Preparing children for disasters resources for parents and teachers that can be used in the classroom or home - Published: 2011-08-17
Free Advice to Strengthen Buildings to Stand Up to Storms
Valuable information from FEMA engineers and construction experts on strengthening building to stand up to storms - Published: 2011-08-09
Seniors and Federal Disaster Assistance
Disaster survivors accepting Commonwealth and federal disaster assistance grants will not cause loss of Social Security benefits additional income taxes or change eligibility for income-based benefit programs - Published: 2011-06-17
Assisting Seniors During Natural Disasters
Emergency response plans must take into account the age-related needs of the elderly with regards to personal and social resources - Published: 2011-06-03
Crisis Counseling for Tornado Survivors
Recovering from the tornadoes has been a stressful and psychologically draining event for many survivors - Published: 2011-06-02
Preventing Future Tornado Damage In Tuscaloosa
Free consultations with FEMA advisers at Home Depot Lowes and Walmart stores in the Tuscaloosa area - Published: 2011-05-26
Alabama Disaster Unemployment Assistance Deadlines Near
Alabama workers who lost jobs as a result of the April storms can register for Disaster Unemployment Assistance - Published: 2011-05-25
Safe Room Protection Against Tornadoes and Hurricanes
A safe room in a house can protect your family from deadly high winds associated with a tornado or hurricane - Published: 2011-05-05
Disaster Recovery Centers - Alabama
Disaster recovery centers in Alabama to help those whose homes or businesses were affected by recent storms and tornadoes - Published: 2011-05-03
Natural Disasters and Twitter Information
Twitter communication could be improved if official hashtags were announced during disasters and number of retweets for a hashtag could be limited - Published: 2011-04-15
Japan Tsunami - Senior Disaster Preparedness
The oldest segment of Japanese population will likely be the hardest hit as a result of the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami - Published: 2011-03-18
Water Safety Information in Event of Emergency
Drinking water might not be available or safe to drink for your own personal use after an emergency - Published: 2011-03-15
New Guidance to Support People with Disabilities During Disasters
Guidelines on emergency sheltering to help state planners and organizations ensure people with access and functional needs receive lawful and equitable assistance in the aftermath of disaster - Published: 2010-11-04
Tropical Storm Nicole Disaster Recovery Center to Open in Pitt County, NC
A Disaster Recovery Center is coming to Pitt County to help those whose homes or businesses were affected by Tropical Storm Nicole - Published: 2010-11-02
Children With Disabilities More Vulnerable To Disasters
Children with disabilities are especially vulnerable to the effects of disasters - Published: 2010-09-23
Helping People With Special Needs Prepare For Disasters
Disaster preparedness takes on added dimensions for people with disabilities or other special needs - Published: 2010-08-27
Storm 24: Offering Disaster Recovery Services 24x7
Storm 24 has been continuously offering disaster recovery services for the last two decades - Published: 2010-08-26
Disasters Hard on People with Disabilities
Disaster response teams should adjust for needs of victims in each disaster - Published: 2010-08-23
How To Help Children Cope With Disasters
Children can be especially vulnerable to stress following a disaster such as severe storms and flooding - Published: 2010-06-10
2010 Hurricane Preparedness Survey Results Florida
Florida Emergency Management Releases 2010 Hurricane Preparedness Survey Results - Published: 2010-06-03
Disaster Planning for Small Businesses
Small business owners should be prepared for the possibility of disaster by reviewing their business insurance needs - Published: 2010-05-27
System Designed for Accessible Emergency Notifications
Providing alerts in emergency situations is vital to supplying information to individuals with a disability - Published: 2010-05-10
Red Cross Reaches Out after Recent U.S. Tornadoes
Aftermath of the deadly tornadoes that swept through the United States over the weekend - Published: 2010-04-26
Fire Safety for Wheelchair Users at Work and Home
Online training program to help save lives of individuals with disabilities and mobility impairments during fire emergencies - Published: 2010-04-07
Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities
Training materials on how best to assist people with disabilities during an emergency or disaster - Published: 2010-02-27
Handling Emergency Situations Online
Online information on the role of online social networks and communities in preparing and coping with emergencies and emergency situations - Published: 2010-02-09
The NCD and Effective Emergency Management and People with Disabilities
An article about the National Council on Disability's Effective Emergency Management Report to President Obama - Published: 2009-09-14
Disabled and Vulnerable Groups More Susceptible to Terrorism Fears
Research shows marginalized groups including mentally ill and the disabled fare worse in the aftermath of natural disasters suffering disproportionate impoverishment injuries and fatalities - Published: 2009-01-21
Disaster Preparedness A Deaf Persons Perspective
Consider emergency evacuation routes flashers for the deaf and ramps for people with special mobility needs in emergency situations - Published: 2009-01-20