Job Descriptions: Medical Health & Disability Fields

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Even those satisfied with their careers would recommend careers as nurse practitioners, rather than as physicians, for qualified students.

For the past 13 years, the public has voted nurses as the most honest and ethical profession in America in the Gallup poll.

CareerCast identifies some of the best careers for job seekers with disabilities, such as Accountant, Physician Assistant and Statistician.

LEND is an interdisciplinary leadership training program funded by the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

Most of the jobs in health care are covered by the ADA so health care careers offer a unique opportunity to students with disabilities.

The International Association for Life Quality offers specialization coursework designed to train professionals to work as Special Needs Life Quality Coaches.

The BEST Program is funded by the Kessler Foundation and works with the Federation of Cooperative Credit Unions Allies Inc. and the National Disability Institute.

Physical therapy jobs are an option for job-seekers who want to explore a variety of locations throughout the country.

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