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The 'Idle Poor' - A Shift in Perception of Disability
When we look at facts surrounding British welfare provision towards disability today, we can highlight a number of falsehoods and half-truths that have been consistently used to sell welfare benefit change to the British public - Published: 2015-01-27
UK Pension Payouts at Record Level
Statistics show the average amount paid from Defined Benefit schemes will reach the highest ever level this year and the amount will fall thereafter - Published: 2012-04-03
80,000 U.K. Disabled Risk Losing PIP Mobility Benefit
This is a policy that would have an appalling impact on thousands of disabled people and the Government must think again - Published: 2011-06-22
New Benefit Will Replace Disability Living Allowance
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is being replaced with a new Personal Independence Payment - Published: 2011-04-04
Crisis Loans Changes to Protect Vulnerable
Department for Work and Pensions will no longer pay Crisis Loans for items such as cookers and beds - Published: 2011-03-05
Cuts to the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in England is a tax-free benefit for people with disabilities - Published: 2011-02-12
Basic State Pension to Rise in 2011 - UK Disability News
More help for pensioners as UK Basic State Pension rates set to rise in 2011 - Published: 2010-12-08
Welfare Reform: UK Disability Living Allowance for the 21st Century
Reform of this benefit needs to follow a social rather than medical model based on needs and barriers faced rather than individual disability - Published: 2010-12-06
Increase to State Pension Age
Details on how the State Pension eligible age will rise to 66 from 65 in 2018 to 66 in 2020 - Published: 2010-11-03
New Research Confirms Need for UK Pension Reform
A third of people with a workplace pension do not know how much their employer is paying into it research published today shows - Published: 2010-10-29
Workplace Pension Reforms will get Britain Saving
UK Government sets out its plans to introduce automatic enrollment into workplace pensions - Published: 2010-10-27
Government Gives Grandparents More Credit
Grandparents who give up work to look after grandchildren no longer lose basic State Pension - Published: 2010-10-16
Millions of Pounds Traced in Forgotten UK Pensions
People who have lost touch with pension schemes from previous employers and personal schemes urged to track down their entitlements for retirement - Published: 2010-10-12
Dramatic Rise in UK Pensioners as Baby Boomers Enter Golden Years
People are now living longer, healthier lives and most 65-year-olds can expect to live until their late 80s - Published: 2010-09-21