Paratransit: Disability Transport Services Information Document List

Publication List:

Canadian Hearing Society and Uber Canada Partner to Promote Accessibility
Uber Canada and Canadian Hearing Society announce formal partnership to expand employment opportunities and accessibility for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing across Canada - Published: 2016-09-26
Health Care Transportation in Hopkins County, Kentucky
Hopkins County residents over 18 can use vouchers to be reimbursed for rides within Hopkins County to medical appointments not covered by PACS Medicaid contract - Published: 2016-07-18
Blind Uber Riders Who Use Guide Dogs - Discrimination Settlement
Uber agrees to take affirmative steps to prevent discrimination against blind riders who use guide dogs in its transportation network across the U.S. - Published: 2016-04-30
Accessibility: US Department of Transport Rules
New navigation keypads featuring integrated illuminated audio jack and audio processor help kiosk and self-service applications comply with accessibility regulations - Published: 2015-08-21
Wheelchair Users Protest Uber's Discriminatory Practices
United Spinal Association, Taxis For All Campaign and wheelchair user advocates call on Uber to end discriminatory practices and start serving disabled persons - Published: 2015-08-02
Transportation Key to Reintegration as Civilians for Returning Veterans
Transit-oriented development may provide viable option for veterans with disability to help meet post-service needs independently and successfully - Published: 2014-11-18
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
NMEDA a non-profit trade association dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment - Published: 2014-05-05
2014 Production Launch of Universally Accessible MV-1 Vehicle
Mobility Ventures LLC launches production of 2014 MV-1 universally accessible vehicle with vehicles currently being processed for shipment to its nationwide MV-1 dealer network - Published: 2014-03-12
Vacation Inspiration: How to Rent a Wheelchair Van
Information and policies you should know before renting wheelchair accessible vehicles for weekend getaways or vacations - Published: 2013-04-08
Vehicle Insurance and Mobility Adapted Vehicles
ADA prohibits automobile insurance companies from refusing to sell car insurance to drivers with disabilities or charge them higher premiums however some insurance companies use a loophole to raise rates - Published: 2013-03-23
What Do Self-Driving Vehicles Mean for Disabled Travelers
Information on autonomous vehicles and how driver-less cars could provide a level of freedom previously unobtainable to people with disabilities - Published: 2012-10-01
New Study Shows Disabled Pay a Lot More for Auto Insurance
Study reveals difference in insurance rates between disabled and non-disabled was substantial although discrimination of people with disabilities is illegal - Published: 2012-08-21
Renault Commitment to People with Disabilities
Renault Tech annually manufactures more than 1000 vehicles for people with reduced mobility - Published: 2012-07-08
Campaign Calls for Safer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
No Compromises safety campaign will urge buyers of wheelchair accessible cars to demand sled testing certificates to check a vehicle is as safe as possible - Published: 2012-05-15
50% of Senior Drivers Worry About No Longer Driving
Nearly half of senior drivers worry about losing their freedom and mobility - Published: 2012-04-05
When Teens with Autism Wish to Start Driving
Study investigates driving as it relates to teens with high functioning autism disorder found two-thirds of teenagers who are of legal driving age in their state are currently driving or plan to drive - Published: 2012-01-09
Don't be Selfish this Christmas - Stay Out of Disabled Parking Spaces
Disabled Motoring UK are appealing to shoppers to not be selfish when they park their cars in retail areas and ensure disabled parking provisions are not compromised - Published: 2011-12-13
The Silver Tsunami of Aging Drivers
Baby boomers turning 65 this year will be driving the silver tsunami says the American Automobile Association AAA - Published: 2011-12-05
Sensor System Monitors Driver's State of Health While Driving
Heath sensor system integrated into the steering wheel can monitor the drivers state of health while driving - Published: 2011-11-05
Prestige Insurance - Car Insurance for Persons with Disability, Carers and Their Families
Prestige is a U.K. insurance company who provide disabled motor vehicle insurance to persons with disability - Published: 2011-10-24
First Factory Built MV-1 Mobility Vehicle Rolls off Production Line
MV-1 is the first mobility vehicle factory built and assembled which meets or exceeds vehicle guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act - Published: 2011-09-29
BRAUN 2011 Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Accessible Van
The Braun Corporation has added the 2011 Honda Odyssey Entervan to its already diverse line-up of wheelchair accessible vehicles - Published: 2011-08-19
Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) 2011 - 2021
LEVs are propelled by an electric motor that uses an energy storage device such as a battery or fuel cell has two or three wheels and typically weighs less than 100kg - Published: 2011-07-11
Addressing Mobility Needs of All Transportation Users
Complete streets legislation requires consideration be given to the access and mobility needs of all users of our transportation network - Published: 2011-06-24
Ford Vehicles Will Feature Bold Fonts to Help Drivers Read Displays
Ford vehicles will feature wider bolder fonts within vehicle controls and interface screens for easier legibility for seniors and vision impaired - Published: 2011-06-22
Aging Baby Boomers to Face Poor Mobility Options
By 2015 more than 15.5 million Americans 65 and older will live in communities where public transportation service is poor or non-existent - Published: 2011-06-15
Senior Drivers Support Competency Test
Majority of elderly drivers surveyed supported mandatory retesting of drivers based on age - Published: 2011-05-26
Older Driver Safety Bill
Transportation planners and engineers have yet to begin addressing the needs of older Americans in their street planning - Published: 2011-05-07
Selecting Drivers for a Non Emergency Transportation Company
Key Factors To Consider When Selecting Drivers For Non Emergency Transportation Companies - Published: 2011-04-28
Location Based Emergency Roadside Assistance
Mobile location technology is playing a new role in the evolution of emergency roadside assistance - Published: 2011-04-18
From Mobilise to Disabled Motoring UK
Disabled Motoring UK is the new name for Mobilise the charity who campaign on behalf of people with disabilities in the UK - Published: 2011-03-31
Helping Children with Special Medical Needs Travel Safely
Seats will be delivered to 49 hospitals and 16 pediatric practices statewide - Published: 2011-02-28
Apprentices Hand Over Modified Bus to Disabled Children
Modified bus donated by apprentices from Jaguar Land Rover Dealer Apprenticeship scheme will be handed over to a Warwickshire-based project - Published: 2011-02-11
Checking Your Car for Winter - Reliable Driving Tips
Hints and tips for preparing and maintaining your car for reliability and safety during the winter months - Published: 2010-11-22
Seniors Feel Ignored by Auto Makers in the Design of Vehicles
Needs related to unintended acceleration and greater fuel efficiency top the list of needs drivers want addressed in the design of future vehicles - Published: 2010-11-10
The Mobility Resource Offers the Right Equipment to Make Vehicles Disability Accessible
The Mobility Resource provides a wide range of adaptive equipment to make cars vans or trucks more disability accessible - Published: 2010-08-25
Wheelchair Accessible Van Manufacturer Freedom Motors Invited to White House
Freedom Motors introduced the U.S. to the first rear-entry wheelchair accessible minivan conversion - Published: 2010-08-24
Blind Driver Challenge Receives Top Graphical System Design Achievement Awards at NIWeek 2010
Autonomous vehicle that allows a blind driver to navigate control speed and avoid collision while traversing a closed driving course - Published: 2010-08-16
Debut of First Factory-Built Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Coincides With ADA 20th Anniversary
Vehicle features deployable access ramp with a 1,200-pound capacity spacious 36-inch entryway and roomy interior - Published: 2010-07-20
First Car That Can be Driven by the Blind
First street vehicle equipped with technology allowing a blind person to drive independently - Published: 2010-07-02
Custom Vehicle Transport of Persons with Medical Needs or Disability
Spartan Chassis Showcases Custom Vehicle Module to Assist Transport of Persons with Medical Needs and Disabilities - Published: 2010-04-22
New York City Access-A-Ride Program Cost Saving Changes
Proposed Access-A-Ride cuts will have negative impact on individuals with disabilities in New York City - Published: 2010-03-24
Diesel Exhaust Fumes Associated with Lethargy
Breathing diesel exhaust during pregnancy is associated with sluggishness in offspring - Published: 2010-03-23
Auto Access Seat for 2011 Toyota Sienna
Toyota Auto Access Seat designed for use in the 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan for people with a disability - Published: 2010-01-11
Chevrolet and GM to Incorporate a Safe Sound Alert for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids - National Federation of the Blind
General Motors and National Federation of the Blind to identify safe level of sound to alert the blind and other pedestrians - Published: 2009-11-25
Special Education Law and Transportation
Discusses what the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires as far as transportation for your child with a disability or autism - Published: 2009-02-04