Deaf Communication: Sign Language & Hearing Aids

Latest Deaf Communication Publications

Video relay service (VRS) service launched in Canada to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing community with tools to communicate and provide greater independence.

Deaf and hard of hearing airline passengers will soon have closed captioned, on-demand in-flight entertainment videos.

Linguists at The University of Pennsylvania document Philadelphia accent of American Sign Language (ASL).

New technology at Texas A&M could enable smart devices to recognize and interpret sign language.

Study finds ASL signers learn intonation in much the same way that users of spoken languages do.

British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill passed by all Parties in the Chamber in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.

List of online free sign language dictionaries and resources for translating and learning sign languages including ASL, BSL and others.

Children under two can learn communication skills from video including sign language, and perform similarly in tests when compared to babies taught by parents.

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