Parkinson's Disease: News Facts & Information

Latest Parkinson's Disease Publications

Study confirms patch of rasagiline applied for 7 days achieves higher systemic exposure than AZILECT (rasagiline) 1mg tablets administered daily for 7 days.

Two simple tests conducted during neurological exam can help clinicians differentiate between early-stage Parkinsons disease and atypical parkinsonism.

Team of scientists successfully create human stem cell disease model of Parkinsons disease in a dish.

An image similar in shape to a Swallow tail has been identified as a new and accurate MRI test for Parkinsons disease.

New study of Parkinsons disease proposes neurons may be mistaken for foreign invaders and killed by the human immune system.

Researchers have shown that continuing spinal cord stimulation appears to produce improvements in symptoms of Parkinsons disease and may protect critical neurons from injury or deterioration.

Patients affected by Parkinsons disease may experience difficulties recognizing emotions in facial expressions and speech intonation of other people.

Researchers have identified a protein trafficking defect within brain cells that may underlie common non-familial forms of Parkinsons disease.

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