Back Pain: SCI, Sciatica & Scoliosis Information & Treatment

Latest Back Pain & Disk Treatment Publications

Investigating link between diet, obesity linked Type 2 diabetes, and intervertebral disc degeneration.

Dr. Kaliq Chang with Atlantic Spine Center explains common aging spine problems and offers tips for strength-building and pain prevention.

Provide insights into lower back pain and new study indicating exercise can have a positive impact for chronic symptoms.

Monitoring adolescent scoliosis patients on brace use prevents curve progression and surgery.

Information regarding Cauda Equina Syndrome including symptoms and treatment methods.

Back surgery is typically an option only when treatments like pain relievers and physical therapy have not worked and pain is persistent and disabling.

Updated analysis finds no significant difference in pain, functioning, of disability at eight years follow-up.

Arachnoiditis - A pain disorder caused by inflammation of the arachnoid, a membrane that surrounds and protects nerves in the spinal cord.

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