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Fetal Spina Bifida Surgery - Scan May Reveal Best Candidates
Fetuses who had larger ventricles were equally as likely to require placement of a shunt during the first year after birth - Published: 2015-09-15
Report on Prenatal Surgeries for Spina Bifida
Reporting on cases of fetal surgery for spina bifida, specialists achieved results similar to those in landmark clinical trial that established new standard of care for prenatal repair of this birth defect - Published: 2014-08-26
Treating Children with Spina Bifida by Fetal Surgery
Performing delicate fetal surgery in the womb can substantially improve outcomes for children with Spina Bifida a disabling birth defect of the spine - Published: 2011-02-10
Complications of Spina Bifida
Complications of spina bifida can range from minor physical problems to severe physical and mental disabilities - Published: 2009-02-18
Spina Bifida Treatment
Explains treatment options for Spina Bifida including fetal surgery and treating myelomeningocele to prevent infection from developing - Published: 2009-02-18
Risk Factors for Spina Bifida
This article looks at some of the risk factors for Spina Bifida when neural tubes do not develop or close properly in some babies - Published: 2009-02-18
Spina Bifida Research
Research scientists are studying genetic risk factors for spina bifida including the function of folic acid during pregnancy possibly leading to spina bifida in the fetus - Published: 2009-02-18
Diagnosing Spina Bifida in Infants
Examines the methods of detecting and diagnosing spina bifida in unborn infants and post-natally by X-ray during a routine examination - Published: 2009-02-18