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US Prevalence of Blindness and Visual Impairment Expected to Increase
Aging U.S. Baby Boomer population will contribute to expected doubling of prevalence of visual impairment and blindness in the next 35 years - Published: 2016-05-27
Clearly Campaign - Helping the World to See
Poor vision is the largest unaddressed disability in the world, despite advancements across healthcare, digital and technology - Published: 2016-04-10
Treating Vision Loss with Stem Cells
Researchers are now using stem cell technology to explore potential new approaches to treatment for vision loss - Published: 2015-10-05
Heterochromia: Types, Causes & Information
General information regarding Heterochromia, a difference in coloration, usually of the iris but also of hair or the skin - Published: 2015-09-29
How to Recognize Symptoms of Eye Parasites
Information regarding Demodex parasites, small mites found at the roots of eyelashes that can cause a range of eye conditions - Published: 2015-05-25
How to Recognize Wet Macular Degeneration
Information regarding wet macular degeneration, one of two forms of age-related macular degeneration - Published: 2015-05-21
Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia & Coloboma: Facts & Information
Information regarding Microphthalmia and Coloboma, a form of eye abnormality that arises prior to birth - Published: 2015-03-26
Brain Adaption to Restoration of Eyesight
Rewiring of senses that occurs in brains of long term blind means that visual restoration may never be complete - Published: 2015-01-19
Blind and Visually Impaired Simulations Has Negative Effects
Using simulation has negative effects on perception of the visually impaired - Published: 2015-01-18
Macular Dystrophy: Types, Causes, and Treatments
Information regarding Macular dystrophy, a form of rare genetic eye disorder that causes loss of vision - Published: 2014-11-17
Reading Glasses May Soon be a Thing of the Past
Implantable eye devices that improve vision up close could soon be a viable alternative for aging eyes - Published: 2014-10-18
Buying Contact Lenses Without a Prescription is Illegal - Even Decorative Colored Lens
According to the American Optometric Association more than 50% of Americans who wear decorative contact lenses purchase them illegally - Published: 2014-10-08
Choroideremia: Information and Affect on Vision
Choroideremia is a rare and inherited disorder that causes progressive loss of vision due to degeneration of the choroid and retina - Published: 2014-10-03
My Eyes Seem to be Getting Worse as I Get Older - Should I See an Eye Doctor
American Academy of Ophthalmology explains common eye symptoms for senior adults in support of healthy aging month - Published: 2014-09-11
Vitreous Eye Floaters and Flashes of Light
Suddenly seeing eye floaters dark specks or flashes of light may indicate a serious eye problem - Published: 2014-07-16
Retinitis Pigmentosa: Inherited Eye Diseases
Information regarding Retinitis Pigmentosa a group of inherited diseases that cause retinal degeneration in the eyes that causes gradual decline in vision - Published: 2014-07-16
New Oral Drug Restores Vision to Patients with Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)
New oral medication showing significant progress by improving visual function of blind patients with LCA - Published: 2014-07-14
Cause of Eye Mobility Disorder Revealed
Researchers worked on a developmental study to find the point at which normal development of eye muscle innervations departs from the mutants - Published: 2014-04-19
Driving with Hemianopia - Failure to Detect Pedestrians
Information and reseach results regarding the affect of hemianopia on driving ability and field of vision - Published: 2014-03-14
Hope for People Blinded by Incurable Eye Disorders
New device offers hope to people blinded due to incurable eye disorders - retinal implant system research provides positive results for people with genetic eye disease - Published: 2013-11-18
New Telescopic Contact Lenses Could Improve Sight for Macular Degeneration Patients
New slim telescopic contact lens can switch between normal and magnified vision could offer AMD patients an unobtrusive way to enhance their vision - Published: 2013-06-27
Easy Effective Therapy to Restore Sight Developed by Researchers
Researchers have developed a method for inserting genes into eye cells that could help restore sight to patients with blinding diseases like retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration - Published: 2013-06-12
Children and Vision Disabilities
Information regarding various eye sight problems a child may develop over time or from birth - Published: 2013-03-12
Learning to Live with Vision Loss as We Get Older
Information pertaining to aging and loss of vision including cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma - Published: 2013-02-22
Alternative Vision for Blind Uses Sound Instead of Eyesight
Blind using photographic and sound equipment can describe objects and identify letters and words enabling blind to decode visual information within sounds and perceive complex images of people words and objects - Published: 2012-11-07
Learning a New Sense - Helping Blind See with Their Fingers
Devices that translate video to mechanical stimulation based on active sensing common to vision and touch may provide intuitive sensory aid for the blind - Published: 2012-11-05
Dry Eyes? Have Your Optometrist Check for Eyelid Sensitivity
Optometrist test called esthesiometry can measure the sensitivity of your eyelid margins sensitivity to touch - Published: 2012-10-07
Common and Age-Related Vision Issues
Information regarding common vision issues including refractive errors, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia - Published: 2012-09-27
What to Expect at an Eye Examination
Information regarding getting your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist or optometrist including types of eye exam tests performed - Published: 2012-09-24
Blindsight Used in Everyday Life Scenes
Blindsight when visual information from eyes is sent into the brain unconsciously even if you are not aware - Published: 2012-07-03
Dry Eye Sufferers May Find Relief with Caffeine
Caffeine intake can significantly increase the ability to produce tears and could improve treatment of dry eye syndrome - Published: 2012-04-18
Age-Related Macular Degeneration Disease Breakthrough
Controlling inflammatory component IL-18 in cases of AMD could prevent development of the disease - Published: 2012-04-16
Visual Disorders Criteria for Social Security Disability Benefits - SSA Seeks Comment
The SSA wants to revise and organize criteria it uses to evaluate disability claims for both adults and children - Published: 2012-04-08
Eye Exams Encouraged for Adults Over Age 50
Recommendation that all adults over age 50 schedule an eye examination because the incidence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration and other vision problems is increasing - Published: 2012-03-12
Glasses-Off Technology May Eliminate Need for Reading Glasses
New technology to help people overcome the natural effect of aging on vision or presbyopia in subjects who required reading glasses to read a newspaper - Published: 2012-03-12
Halos and Starbursts After LASIK Eye Surgery
Most LASIK complications are short-term and cause only mild discomfort and the results of your laser eye surgery can provide freedom from glasses and contacts for years - Published: 2012-01-30
Correcting Keratoconus in Patients With Down Syndrome
Non-invasive Holcomb C3-R procedure stabilizes vision for those seeking a non-surgical solution for degenerative eye disease including people with Down syndrome afflicted with Keratoconus - Published: 2011-07-25
Detecting Lazy Eye in Children
A simple screening exam with a handheld scanning device may enable pediatricians to identify lazy eye in children as young as 2 - Published: 2011-07-08
Progress to Reverse Blindness Reported
May lead to therapies to reverse blindness caused by common retinal diseases such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa - Published: 2011-06-15
Dry Eye Disease - Cellular Cause
If you are one of the millions of people around the world who struggle with dry eye disease, good news is on the way - Published: 2011-06-01
Blind People's Ability to Echo-locate
There are blind people who have learned to utter clicks and to use the returning echoes from those clicks to sense their surroundings - Published: 2011-05-26
Gene Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration
CD59 delivered by a gene therapy approach significantly reduced the uncontrolled blood vessel growth and cell death typical of AMD - Published: 2011-04-30
Dry Eye Increase May be Caused by Drop in Temperature
Dry eye results from insufficient tear production or altered tear film composition a temperature less than 30C on the eye and eyelid could be cause for worsening of the disorder - Published: 2011-03-03
Eye Surgeon Restores Vision with Iris Implant
Procedure was a success with vision being transformed from legal blindness to being able to drive without glasses - Published: 2011-02-18
Albinism Facts and Information
The majority of children with albinism are born to parents who have average eye and hair color for their ethnicity - Published: 2011-02-17
Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Geographic Atrophy
Molecular mechanism implicated in geographic atrophy the major cause of un-treatable blindness - Published: 2011-02-06
Optometry and Vision Development Latest Research
Features the latest in eye and vision care research that was presented at the annual meeting - Published: 2010-12-28
Researchers Achieve Extensive Regeneration in Nerve Connecting Eye to Brain
Findings bring scientists closer to restoring vision loss due to optic nerve damage - Published: 2010-12-03
Multifocal Contact Lenses May Reduce Night Driving Vision
Wearing multifocal contact lenses resulted in significantly slower driving speeds at night - Published: 2010-11-04
Vision Correction Options for Seniors
From age 40 our eyes gradually lose ability to focus on close-up objects a condition called presbyopia - Published: 2010-10-19
Lazy Eye - Is Photoscreening the Best Way to Catch Amblyopia
Photoscreening for lazy eye was used because earlier studies indicated problems with using eye charts to screen children younger than age 3 and children with disabilities - Published: 2010-10-02
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia): Causes and Treatment
Information on Amblyopia or lazy eye an eye condition noted by reduced vision not correctable by glasses or contact lenses - Published: 2010-09-14
Discovery of Gene May Provide Treatment for Nearsightedness
Myopia happens when the focal point of an image falls just short of the retina at the rear of the eye causing blurred distance vision - Published: 2010-09-12
Protecting Blind Pedestrians from Silent Cars
Protecting blind pedestrians and others from the danger posed by silent vehicle technology - Published: 2010-05-19
Optic Neuritis - Facts and Information
Optic neuritis is inflammation of a persons optic nerve the structure that connects the eye to the brain - Published: 2010-04-14
Retinopathy of Prematurity - Early Treatment Benefits Some Children
Early treatment associated with benefits for some children with Retinopathy of prematurity - Published: 2010-04-13
Night Blindness Lack of Calcium
Congenital stationary night blindness is a inherited condition that affects the ability to see in the dark - Published: 2010-04-01
Stevie Wonder Joins Junior Blind of America's Board of Directors
Commitment to improving the lives of those with disabilities, wonder joins board of nonprofit dedicated to helping blind and disabled - Published: 2010-03-03
New Insights into Inherited Eye Retinal Disease
Newly recognized class of disease known as ciliopathies has caught the attention of the medical community - Published: 2010-01-17
Quit Smoking and Save Your Vision
Determines whether age influences the effects of smoking on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) risk - Published: 2009-12-31
Children with Congenital Blindness See with Single Shot of Gene Therapy
Gene therapy improves vision in children and adults with Lebers congenital amaurosis (LCA) - Published: 2009-10-25
Research Center to Improve Quality of Life for Blind and Visually Impaired
Worlds largest ocular research center to improve quality of life for blind and visually impaired - Published: 2009-10-07
Eye Stye - Cures and Causes of Eye Styes
Examines the causes of an eye stye on the eyelid and instructions on how to get rid of a stye - Published: 2009-07-07
Glassy Eyes Causes and Cures
Glassy eyes can be defined as a fixed staring and wide eyed appearance with the eyes appearing to be glazed or shiny - Published: 2009-07-06
Louis Braille - Historical Perspectives
The history of Louis Braille who became blind at the age of three and wanted to read so invented Braille for the visually impaired - Published: 2009-06-24
Is Visually Impaired the Same as Being Legally Blind
Being visually impaired means that your vision is either affected by visual problems such as having no peripheral vision - Published: 2009-05-25
Facts about Blindness
Things Americans should know about blindness that will make us a stronger society - Published: 2009-05-24
New Method Identifies Preterm Infants at Risk of Eye Disease
Weekly weight development might replace the need for considerably more expensive ophthalmological examinations - Published: 2009-04-07