Disability Gardening: Information for Disabled & Seniors

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Gardening has physical and psychological benefits for older women including reduced waist circumference, improved aerobic endurance, hand dexterity, cognitive function, and daily physical activity.

Container Farm specially designed to be fully operated by a person in a wheelchair.

Richie is a person who experiences ADHD and has always enjoyed gardening, as it turns out.

Sturdy elevated planter box allows seniors and persons with limited mobility to grow a garden of vegetables herbs and flowers.

Using its Homes for Wildlife project the RSPB hopes to bring many species that are currently in decline in British gardens to Bupa care homes.

Pulmonary rehab patients report increased well-being when interior plants introduced.

If you are planning a garden you need to ensure that it is accessible to everyone whether they are on foot or in a wheelchair.

The Rotating Garden is an accessible garden for people in wheelchairs seniors and people with disabilities.

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