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Yoga for Arthritis Symptoms & Mood
Study finds yoga may be safe and effective way to keeping moving for the 20% of adults living with arthritis - Published: 2015-09-16
Survey Finds Both Benefits and Risks of Yoga for Bipolar Disorder
Results from a survey of people with bipolar disorder who practice yoga have begun to document the reported benefits and risks of the practice - Published: 2014-09-26
Women with Urinary Incontinence May Get Relief from Yoga
Form of meditation and exercise could help women who suffer from urinary incontinence according to a new study from UC San Francisco - Published: 2014-04-28
Accessible Yoga for the Blind with Microsoft Kinect-based Program
Eyes-Free Yoga uses Microsoft Kinect software to track body movements and offer auditory feedback to blind in real time for yoga poses - Published: 2013-10-17
Laughter Yoga - Good Medicine for Seniors
Laughter Yoga helps with the ability to laugh without any reason as it uses laughter itself as a primary form of exercise - Published: 2012-11-18
Laughter Yoga Specialist Serves People with Disabilities
Laughter yoga exercise concept combines simulated laughter exercises with breathing techniques to produce a wide range of physical psychological and emotional benefits - Published: 2012-08-16
Stroke Survivors Use Yoga to Improve Balance
Stroke survivors in a yoga group had improved scores for independence and quality of life and were less afraid of falling - Published: 2012-08-01
Yoga Helps Senior Stroke Victims Improve Balance and Endurance
A study that exposed older veterans with stroke to yoga produced exciting results in regards to balance and endurance - Published: 2011-06-07
Benefits of Yoga for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Benefits of Yoga study show positive effects of yoga on the quality of life in patients with Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis - Published: 2011-05-26
Research Suggests Yoga can Counteract Fibromyalgia
Yoga exercises may have the power to combat fibromyalgia a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain - Published: 2010-10-14
Connection Between Yoga and Mood
New study finds a new connection between yoga exercising and your mood - Published: 2010-08-19
Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors Improves Recovery
Special yoga classes aimed at breast cancer survivors improves recovery - Published: 2010-08-17
Hypnotic Yoga Breathing Exercise
Deep calming relaxation exercise that borrows some techniques from both yoga and hypnotherapy - Published: 2010-07-31
Benefits of Yoga for Children with Special Needs
Childrens yoga is an excellent therapy for children with special needs - Published: 2010-03-26
Using Yoga to Relieve Back Pain
Yoga can substantially reduce and eliminate back pain by incorporating asanas into regular practice - Published: 2010-01-31
Yoga Reduces Inflammation Due to Aging and Stress
Yoga exercises may lower compounds in blood and reduce inflammation due to normal aging and stress - Published: 2010-01-11
Yoga on Nintendo Wii - Anja Rubik's Commitment to Yoga for Wii
Anja Rubiks commitment to Yoga for Wii helps her getting trough the days and weeks of her tightly set schedule - Published: 2009-10-09
Yoga Provides Benefits to Women with Breast Cancer
Women undertaking a program of Restorative Yoga classes gained positive differences in aspects of mental health and spirituality compared to the control group - Published: 2009-02-25
Yoga Breathing for Stress Reduction
Proper yoga techniques of conscious breathing can eliminate stress and the high blood glucose levels caused by the fight or flight syndrome - Published: 2009-02-12
Yoga For Diabetes - Food Choices
In the yoga community whether you are a vegetarian or meat eater is a topic of sometimes heated discussion - Published: 2009-02-12
Yoga For Diabetes - Create Health
When I had fallen away from yoga practice and was overcome by my thoughts and reactions I manifested stress in my body - Published: 2009-02-12
Yoga Exercises for Diabetes - Manage Blood Sugars
Explains how yoga exercises assist people with diabetes via the mind body connection of yoga - Published: 2009-02-12
Complete Workout with Three Yoga Exercises
Working out with yoga exercises is a relaxing form of exercise that not only heals the mind but the body as well - Published: 2009-02-12