Osteoarthritis: Symptoms, Information & Treatment Document List

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Burden of Knee Osteoarthritis Despite Availability of Effective Therapies
Survey of adults with osteoarthritis of the knee without joint replacement surgery show 95% avoid or make accommodations to daily activities because knee pain - Published: 2014-10-31
Cause of Osteoarthritis Discovered
Researchers discover new mechanism of joint destruction that grinds healthy cartilage and worsens osteoarthritis identified in human hip joints - Published: 2014-08-13
Too Little and Too Much Physical Activity Bad for Knee Joints
People with higher risk for osteoarthritis can reduce their risk for cartilage degeneration by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding risky activities and strenuous high impact exercise - Published: 2012-11-26
Osteoarthritis Incidence Higher Among Military Personnel
New research shows significantly higher osteoarthritis incidence rates in military populations than among comparable age groups in the general population - Published: 2011-06-29
Obesity and Knee Osteoarthritis Shorten Healthy Years of Life
Due to obesity and symptomatic knee OA Americans over the age of 50 will together lose the equivalent of 86 million healthy years of life - Published: 2011-02-15
Practitioners Not Adhering to Guidelines for Osteoarthritis
Clinicians who care for patients with osteoarthritis (OA) are likely not following standard care guidelines that are based on current medical evidence - Published: 2011-01-04
New Drug Offers Big Relief for Osteoarthritis Pain
Tanezumab is the first new drug for general muscle or joint pain in over 100 years - Published: 2010-09-30
Treating Glenohumeral - Shoulder Joint Osteoarthritis
Clinical practice guidelines for treating glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis - Published: 2010-07-15
Treatments for Osteoarthritis and Arthritis of the Knee
Middle-aged men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee have more options for treatments that allow them to remain active - Published: 2010-07-08
Knee Injury Surgery Does Not Decrease Osteoarthritis Risk
Surgical repair of knee injuries does not decrease risk of osteoarthritis - Published: 2010-06-30