Colorectal Cancer: Colon & Rectal Cancers Document List

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Information regarding colon cancer in women including rectal carcinoma during pregnancy, symptoms and treatment options - Published: 2015-08-10

Understanding why NSAIDs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, lowers risk of developing intestinal polyps, which can turn into colon cancer - Published: 2014-11-06

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough that may benefit patients with bowel cancer - Published: 2014-07-20

Study shows surveillance colonoscopy recommendations for average risk patients with 1 - 2 small polyps detected consistent with guidelines in about 90% of cases. This may be an appropriate target for quality indicators. - Published: 2014-04-17

Continuing drops in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rate show lifesaving potential of colonoscopy exams and colon cancer screening - Published: 2014-03-17

Information on Colonoscopy procedure to see inside the colon and rectum to detect inflamed tissue cancer ulcers and abnormal growths in the bowel - Published: 2014-03-15

Link between fruit and vegetables and cancers in different parts of the bowel proximal colon cancer distal colon cancer and rectal cancer - Published: 2011-09-26

Evidence that alcohol at higher levels of consumption is associated with increase risk of colorectal cancer - Published: 2011-09-13

New study highlights need to address both the overuse and under-use of recommended colorectal cancer screening tests - Published: 2010-10-16

Patients with colon cancer who used multivitamins during and after being treated with post-surgical chemotherapy did not reduce the risk of the cancer - Published: 2010-09-07

Rectal cancer rates are increasing across races and in both sexes - Published: 2010-08-23

Coffee and soft drinks have little or no association with colon cancer risk - Published: 2010-05-08

Drugs used to treat heart failure shows promise for fighting colon cancer - Published: 2009-12-16

Single incision total colectomy is an operation in which in the entire colon is removed and small bowel joined to the rectum - Published: 2009-06-24

Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are important risk factors for bowel cancer - Published: 2009-06-02

One cell and one initial set of genetic changes is all it takes to begin events that lead to metastatic cancer - Published: 2009-04-17

A high fiber diet has long been considered good for you and beneficial in staving off colon cancer - Published: 2009-04-13

Large Intestine Cancer forms in the tissues of the colon most colon cancers are adenocarcinomas - Published: 2009-04-02

Vaccine might be able to prevent colon cancer in people at high risk for developing colorectal cancer - Published: 2009-03-19

Learn more about colorectal cancer and how it can be prevented or best treated - Published: 2009-03-13

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found a drug being tested to treat a range of human cancers significantly inhibited colon cancer - Published: 2009-02-12