Colorectal Cancer: Colon & Rectal Cancers

Latest Colorectal Publications

Information regarding colon cancer in women including rectal carcinoma during pregnancy, symptoms and treatment options.

Understanding why NSAIDs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, lowers risk of developing intestinal polyps, which can turn into colon cancer.

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough that may benefit patients with bowel cancer.

Study shows surveillance colonoscopy recommendations for average risk patients with 1 - 2 small polyps detected consistent with guidelines in about 90% of cases. This may be an appropriate target for quality indicators..

Continuing drops in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rate show lifesaving potential of colonoscopy exams and colon cancer screening.

Information on Colonoscopy procedure to see inside the colon and rectum to detect inflamed tissue cancer ulcers and abnormal growths in the bowel.

Link between fruit and vegetables and cancers in different parts of the bowel proximal colon cancer distal colon cancer and rectal cancer.

Evidence that alcohol at higher levels of consumption is associated with increase risk of colorectal cancer.

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