Oral Cancer: Mouth, Throat & Neck Cancers Document List

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Recognizing the Symptoms of Oral Cancer
Early stages of oral cancer can develop without causing noticeable symptoms - Published: 2011-04-13
Outcomes after Recurrence of Oral Cancer Vary
Patients who have recurrence of oral squamous cell carcinoma tend to do worse if the new cancer appears at the same site early or if it appears in the lymph nodes - Published: 2010-12-20
How HPV Virus Triggers Cervical and Mouth Cancer
HPV infection is known to increase the risk of developing cancers of the cervix and mouth - Published: 2010-12-15
Racial Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer
Head and neck cancer outcomes associated with race may be more closely linked to social and behavioral factors than biological differences - Published: 2010-09-26
Genes Associated with Throat Cancer Found
NPC is a cancer that forms in the epithelial lining of the nasopharynx in the upper throat that lies behind the nose - Published: 2010-05-30
New Treatment Safe for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Patients undergoing treatment for advanced head and neck cancers may respond well to the addition of gefinitib to chemotherapy - Published: 2009-05-31
Head, Neck & Throat Cancer Symptoms
Information regarding symptoms of head and neck carcinoma, cancer tumors in the head or neck region - Published: 2009-04-02
High Dosage Brachytherapy for Head and Neck Cancer Tumors
High dosage perioperative brachytherapy obtains excellent results in the treatment of head and neck tumors - Published: 2009-03-27