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Pine Bark Extract Effective for Varicose and Spider Veins After Pregnancy
Natural plant extract from French maritime pine tree bark may improve appearance, swelling and discomfort of pregnancy-induced varicose veins and spider vein clusters - Published: 2014-10-10
Foam Injections for Varicose Veins
Foam injections to treat varicose veins cause less pain for patients and could save money compared with a popular alternative treatment - Published: 2011-09-30
The Risk of Blood Clots in Veins is Hereditary
Venous thromboembolism VTE is the third most common type of cardiovascular disease after coronary heart disease and stroke - Published: 2011-05-31
Deep Vein Thrombosis - A Ticking Time Bomb
Emergency physicians issue warning about the serious dangers associated with deep vein thrombosis - Published: 2011-05-04
Leg Ulcers Treatment Study
Ultrasound therapy does nothing to speed up the healing process of leg ulceration - Published: 2011-03-09
Phlebology - Treating Varicose Veins and Spider Vein Problems
Phlebology is the branch of medicine devoted to the study of modern ways of treating varicose vein and spider vein problems - Published: 2011-01-23
Varicose Veins - Herbal Formula in Ayurvedic Treatments
VEINISH and VASKO is a non-invasive and safer way compared to surgical stripping varicose vein treatment or modern treatment of intravenous laser therapy - Published: 2010-11-15
Study Examines Sepsis and Septic Shock after Surgery
Sepsis and septic shock appear to be more common than heart attacks or pulmonary blood clots - Published: 2010-07-19
Radiofrequency Ablation Causes Less Varicose Vein Post-operative Pain
Varicose vein study shows radiofrequency ablation causes less post-operative pain - Published: 2010-05-29
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) - Facts, Diagnosis, and Treatments
Peripheral artery disease PAD is a common form of circulatory problem involving a narrowing of the persons arteries - Published: 2009-06-06
Deep Vein Thrombosis Facts Information and Treatment
Deep vein thrombosis is formation of blood clot in a deep vein the cause is prolonged inactivity such as sitting during long travel in a plane or automobile or lengthy bed rest - Published: 2008-04-24