Male Health: Medical Concerns for Aging Men

Latest Male Health Publications

Information regarding types of male prostate examination including PSA, DRE and PVR tests.

Study finds males can benefit from pelvic exercises to prevent urinary leaks after prostate cancer treatment.

Research by a VA team confirms longer lasting colonoscopies are associated with lower cancer rates.

Information regarding circumcision, a practice commonly performed on the first or second day after a male child is born.

Information regarding male reproductive health and conditions often neglected by men who do not always go to the doctor.

Thomas C. Weiss explains the ins and outs of a colonoscopy, a test that permits doctors to examine inner lining of the large intestine.

Movember campaign encourages men to grow mustaches to help raise awareness about male health issues.

New survey findings show that on average, 93 percent of adults surveyed are unaware how common osteoporotic fractures are in men.

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