Migraines & Headaches: Types & Relief Treatments

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Study of migraine attacks on Twitter using instant expression of actual self-reported migraine attacks in social media.

While Serotonin does not appear to be the main cause of a migraine low levels have been linked to migraine headaches.

Compounds in foods and beverages like chocolate wine citrus are considered as migraine triggers including tyramine phenylethylamine and possibly histamine and phenolic compounds.

Those with frequent migraine related nausea experienced more severe pain and worse outcomes than those with rare or no presence of nausea.

Botox may offer new hope to patients suffering disabling low cerebrospinal fluid headaches.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, Botox has recently been approved for the prevention of chronic migraines.

people with joint hyper-mobility syndrome a severe form of double-jointedness have a greater chance of suffering from migraines.

Light sensitivity in blind patients helps researchers identify a new visual pathway for photophobia during migraines.

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