Stroke: Symptoms Causes & Treatment Document List

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Information from the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding signs and symptoms of having a stroke - Published: 2011-11-09

Vasospasm occurs when a nearby blood vessel goes into spasm and constricts closing down the vessel and possibly leading to permanent brain damage or death - Published: 2011-07-16

Family involvement in exercise therapy could significantly improve function and recovery after stroke - Published: 2011-03-05

Much of the devastation of stroke and head trauma is due to damage caused the overproduction of a substance in the brain called glutamate - Published: 2011-02-09

Breakthrough in stroke research identifying the potential reversibility of chronic neurologic disability in stroke survivors - Published: 2011-02-02

Nearly two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries discharged from hospitals after ischemic stroke die or are readmitted within one year - Published: 2010-12-18

Therapy May Reverse Stroke Damage by Jump-starting Growth of Nerve Fibers - Published: 2010-12-07

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability due to the limited capacity for the brain to recover - Published: 2010-11-07

When faced with a stroke patient FAST stands for Face Arms Speech and Time and involves asking three easy questions - Published: 2010-09-18

Stroke patients left partially paralyzed found their condition improved after they received simple and non-invasive method of brain stimulation - Published: 2010-09-13

Get with the guidelines stroke program could be a foundation for improving stroke care globally - Published: 2010-08-30

Spatial neglect - when people recovering from stroke sometimes behave as if completely unaware of one half of the world - Published: 2010-04-28

Study highlights fact that many patients don't know they had a minor stroke and need emergency care - Published: 2010-04-16

According to the World Stroke Organization stroke now accounts for almost 6 million deaths each year - Published: 2009-10-23

Most stroke patients arrive at the hospital too late to take advantage of a clot-busting drug that significantly reduces stroke symptoms - Published: 2009-10-02

There appears to be a correlation between stress and stroke but this needs to be interpreted with great caution - Published: 2009-10-01

Some 10,000 Arizonans suffer an acute stroke each year, and those living in Phoenix or Tucson have the advantage of availability to primary stroke centers - Published: 2009-08-25

A person who has exercised regularly prior to the onset of a stroke appears to recover more quickly - Published: 2009-07-18

Stroke typically occurs when arteries become blocked preventing blood from flowing to the brain - Published: 2009-07-16

People with irregular heartbeat five times more likely to have a stroke and twice as likely to die from one - Published: 2009-06-10

Cerebrovascular disease is any disorder that affects the blood vessels that provide oxygen rich blood to a persons brain and face - Published: 2009-06-05

Stroke survivors can improve their balance by practicing the Chinese martial art of tai chi - Published: 2009-03-23

Brain surgery after suffering a severe stroke generally improves the patients lives and allows them to live longer - Published: 2009-03-12

Research has demonstrated the existence of a type of cells that limits brain damage after a stroke - Published: 2009-01-27

Information regarding causes and symptoms of childhood stroke including Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome and MELAS Syndrome - Published: 2009-01-25