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Latest Oral Health Publications

Information regarding Oral thrush or oral candidiasis, a condition that causes white creamy lesions in the mouth, tongue and cheeks.

New technologies in orthodontic treatment and caring for special needs patients make a difference for dental patients with disabilities.

Report on the first large-scale survey to investigate factors influencing at-home oral care provided by caregivers to adults with developmental disabilities.

Information regarding Tonsillectomy a type of surgery to remove the tonsils and adnoidectomy a surgery to remove the adenoid glands.

Information on the importance of having a regular oral examination at your dentist.

New findings about painful jaw problems that plague millions of people worldwide are leading to a better understanding of pain disorders.

New research and recommendations to help dentists combat rather than contribute to abuse of addictive painkillers.

Needy received free health care services including teeth cleaning oral screenings and other procedures provided by licensed dental hygienists dentists and dental assistants.

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