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Link Between Plastic Exposure, Allergies, and Asthma in Children
Researchers are reporting an association between phthalate exposure, asthma and allergies in children - Published: 2014-09-23
Possible Complications of Having Asthma and Osteoporosis
Information concerning people with Osteoporosis and Asthma and some of the problems they may face - Published: 2014-05-09
Diagnosing Asthma from a Drop of Blood
Using a single drop of blood researchers developed faster, cheaper and more accurate tool for diagnosing even mild cases of asthma - Published: 2014-04-15
Asthma and Balance Problems: Link Between Asthma, Anxiety and Balance
New research shows asthma symptoms could be aggravated by imbalance problems - Published: 2012-09-02
Why Does Getting the Flu Trigger Asthma
Influenza activates a newly recognized group of immune cells presenting a completely new set of drug targets for asthma - Published: 2011-05-29
Assessing Asthma Related Anxiety
High level of disease-related anxiety among adults with asthma associated with an overreaction to asthma symptoms and overuse of medication - Published: 2011-05-06
Medical Anthropologist Looks at Asthma
Asthma affects an estimated 8 percent of Americans and about 300 million people around the world - Published: 2011-02-20
Nasal Congestion May Mean Severe Asthma
Pronounced nasal symptoms such as chronic rhinosinusitis and a runny nose for a long period of time can be linked to severe asthma - Published: 2010-12-20
Discovery of Taste Receptors in Lungs Could Help Asthmatics Breathe Easier
University of Maryland School of Maryland researchers show bitter compounds open lung airways better than current drugs - Published: 2010-10-24
Bacteria to Blame in Asthma Attacks in Children
Treatable bacterial infections can also cause asthma attacks. The discovery could revolutionize treatment - Published: 2010-10-07
Possible Alternate Therapy for Adults with Poorly Controlled Asthma
Tiotropium bromide effective when added to low-dose inhaled corticosteroids - Published: 2010-09-19
Asthma and Cavities Common in Children but not Linked
The notion that there is a link between asthma and tooth decay may have its origin in anecdotal statements by emergency room workers - Published: 2010-09-18
Research and Insights on Severe Asthma in Children
Asthma is the most common chronic lung disease of children with more than 6.6 million affected in the U.S. - Published: 2010-09-09
Acetaminophen Use Linked to Doubled Risk of Asthma in Adolescents
Use of acetaminophen in 13 and 14 year old adolescent children associated with exposure dependent increased risk of asthma symptoms - Published: 2010-08-13
Interferons - Facts and Information
Interferons are a group of proteins that are produced in a persons body in response to an attack by a virus - Published: 2010-07-23
Asthma Patients Should Avoid High Fat Meals
People with asthma advised to avoid heavy high-fat meals according to new research - Published: 2010-05-17
Children with Severe Asthma at Increased Risk of Developing COPD
Children with severe asthma have more than 30 times the risk of developing adult chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) - Published: 2010-05-17
New Childhood Asthma Statistics
America spends 50 percent more on children with asthma and 1 million children with asthma remain uninsured and at risk - Published: 2010-02-23
R-Roscovitine Cancer Drug May Offer Hope for Asthma Sufferers
A drug being tested to treat cancer could also help patients suffering from asthma - Published: 2009-12-09
Breathing Technique Reduces Severity of Asthma Attacks
Teaching asthmatics how to better control asthma by changing the way they breathe - Published: 2009-09-21
Asthma Rates Depend on Where You Live
Neighborhoods with more community vitality economic potential community amenities and social capital had lower asthma rates - Published: 2009-06-07
Vitamin D Linked to Asthma Severity
New research provides evidence for a link between vitamin D insufficiency and asthma severity - Published: 2009-04-23
Natural Asthma Management Methods
Asthma will respond well to herbal remedies but it is impossible to give a herbal remedy that is appropriate to all cases - Published: 2009-03-22
Major Causes of Asthma
Causes of asthma a disorder that affects the airways or the bronchial tubes in your lungs - Published: 2009-01-22