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Dementia Patients Benefit from Holistic Exercise
Pairing cognitive activities with physical movements helps patients and care-givers alike, according to Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies - Published: 2014-05-24
Specialized Techniques for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
Charng Shen Wang has developed a unique approach for treating Fibromyalgia to achieve maximum results - Published: 2011-07-09
Neuromuscular Therapy Information
Neuromuscular therapy has a holistic approach towards healing in that emphasis is laid on stimulating the body to heal itself - Published: 2009-02-21
Holistic Nutrition All About Oils
When it comes to holistic nutrition and all natural weight loss choosing the healthiest cooking oil can be difficult - Published: 2009-01-16
Holistic Health - Keeping Young
When we practice holistic health we treat the whole body as one unit as the human body is an amazing organism - Published: 2009-01-16
Holistic Chiropractic Health
Chiropractic is based on the understanding that our bodies are in a continuous state of healing - Published: 2009-01-16
Holistic Health Care Facts and Statistics
The World Health Organization estimates 65 - 80 percent of the population use holistic naturopathic medicine as a primary form of health care - Published: 2009-01-16