Home Remedies: Traditional Cures for Health Ailments

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Pectin present in many fruits is known to naturally relieve joint pain and the pain of arthritis.

A list of uses for Copper Sulfate, also known as Bluestone, including historical home remedies, medical cures, and industrial use.

Some simple home remedy cures for yeast infections using common herbs foods and substances.

List of home remedies to help treat arthritis naturally at home by reducing pain level.

Natural treatments for rheumatoid arthritis range from hot and cold compresses magnets massage herbs natural supplements and water relaxation remedies.

Home remedies for dryness of the mouth due to a decreased function of the glands that produce saliva.

Sore throats are often associated with a cold or the flu however there are several home remedies for sore throat.

Dry skin is caused by an abnormality of the moisture and oil balance of the dermis layers.

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