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Updated First Aid Guidelines
The American Red Cross and American Heart Association announced changes to guidelines for administering first aid - Published: 2015-10-16
Burns: Information and First Aid Treatment
Causes and types of burns including first aid treatment for a burn - Published: 2015-02-15
Wound Care Basics - Bandages and Skin Moisture
Information regarding proper skin care by dressing and caring for wounds to help prevent infection - Published: 2014-01-13
Hypothermia: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention
Information regarding Hypothermia a dangerous condition marked by an unusually low internal body temperature - Published: 2013-11-03
First Aid for Lyme Disease After a Tick Bite
Information on applying a gel to the bite area after the tick has been removed to prevent Lyme borreliosis - Published: 2011-12-19
Mental Health First Aid - Helping Others
Mental Health First Aid is a program helping the public to identify understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders - Published: 2011-10-13
CPR Successful on Man with No Pulse for 96 Minutes
Even though he was given continuous CPR and a series of shocks with a defibrillator the man was without a pulse for 96 minutes - Published: 2011-05-02
A New Order for CPR, Spelled C-A-B
Recommending that chest compressions be the first step for lay and professional rescuers to revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest - Published: 2010-10-18
CPR - 3 Minutes to Save a Life
First aid instructions on how to perform hands only CPR a new procedure recommended in by the American Heart Association for cardiac arrest - Published: 2010-09-30
First Aid: Hypoglycemia
First aid treatment for a person suffering from Hypoglycemia a temporary condition caused by low blood sugar levels - Published: 2009-02-19
First Aid: Grand Mal Seizures
First aid treatment for a grand mal seizure including things to do while waiting for qualified medical assistance - Published: 2009-02-19