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Why Antidepressants Take So Long to Work
Current antidepressants drugs available to treat depression can take weeks and sometimes months to start working - Published: 2016-07-28
Factors of ADHD Medication Use Study
Youth who take stimulant medication for ADHD early in life no more at risk for substance abuse in later adolescence than teens without ADHD - Published: 2016-06-09
Acne Drug Isotretinoin (Accutane) Use During Pregnancy
Isotretinoin (Accutane), used to treat severe acne, can severely harm a fetus, causing craniofacial, cardiac and central nervous system defects, and high likelihood of miscarriage or medical termination - Published: 2016-04-28
Portable Pharmacy Can Produce Different Drugs
Compact and portable pharmaceutical manufacturing system can be reconfigured to produce variety of drugs on demand - Published: 2016-04-02
Nootropics: Smart Drug Intelligence Enhancer Supplements
Information on smart drugs, also known as Nootropics or intelligence enhancers, used to improve brain mental function - Published: 2016-02-28
Medication & Illicit Drug Overdose Information
Information regarding illicit medication and drug overdose including causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention - Published: 2016-01-28
How Do Drug Ingredients Live in Capsules & Tablets
Explains how live cultures and drug ingredients can survive in medication such as pills, capsules and tablets - Published: 2015-12-19
Synthroid (Levothyroxine) Medication: General Information
Information regarding the drug Synthroid, administered when the human thyroid gland does not produce enough of this hormone on its own - Published: 2015-12-16
Periodic Paralysis: Keveyis Drug First Approved Treatment
Dichlorphenamide drug is first approved treatment for periodic paralysis, a rare neuromuscular disorder - Published: 2015-12-05
ADHD Meds - A Prescription for Bullying?
Study reveals children who take ADHD medications are twice as likely to be bullied by peers - Published: 2015-11-22
Overview of Hallucinogens & Dissociative Drugs
Information regarding Hallucinogens, a class of drug that causes hallucinations and distortions of perception of reality - Published: 2015-09-11
The Need for Snakebite Anti-venom
Information regarding snake anti-venoms, the only effective treatment to prevent or reverse most of the venomous effects of snakebites - Published: 2015-09-10
Thalidomide: Information, Uses & Side Effects
Information regarding Thalidomide, used alone or with other medications for symptoms of erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL); fever, episodes of skin sores, as well as nerve damage from Hansens disease or leprosy - Published: 2015-08-18
Statin Drugs and Prostate Cancer
Recent studies have suggested that statins might have a positive effect on prostate cancer. - Published: 2015-06-08
Multiple Sclerosis Drug Prices Soar in U.S.
Multiple sclerosis drugs available in the U.S. are two to three times more than in Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom - Published: 2015-04-24
Cancer Drug Prices Skyrocket Since 1995
Over past 20 years prices of leading cancer drugs have risen at rates far outstripping inflation - Published: 2015-03-18
New Antibiotic Version May Eliminate Hearing Loss Risk
Current treatment with aminoglycosides antibiotics can result in partial or complete hearing loss - Published: 2015-01-05
Antibiogram Use in Nursing Facilities May Help Improve Antibiotic Use and Effectiveness
Study shows use of antibiograms in skilled nursing facilities could improve antibiotic effectiveness and help address problems with antibiotic resistance - Published: 2014-11-11
Vanessa's Law - Modernized Laws for Drugs and Medical Devices
Information concerning passage of new legislation known as Vanessas Law - the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act - Published: 2014-11-10
Bio-similar Drugs Could Save Billions in Health Care
Bio-similar versions of complex biologic drugs used to treat illnesses such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis could cut spending on biologics in U.S. by $44 billion - Published: 2014-11-03
Urgent: What do we do Regarding the Dwindling Stock of Antibiotics
The antibiotic resistance crisis is worsening as pharmaceutical companies withdraw from antibiotic research and governments cannot afford to fund new developments - Published: 2014-10-10
NSAID Painkillers Combined with Other Drugs Can Cause GI Bleeding
NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and aspirin can increase risk of gastrointestinal bleeding when taken in combination with other drugs - Published: 2014-10-03
U.S. Patients Losing Compounded Prescription Coverage
Fighting to stop the unprecedented benefit cuts being made by Express Scripts and other pharmacy benefit managers - Published: 2014-08-14
U.S. Federal Drug Discount Program Facing Challenges
340B program faces issues, whether to change and better define eligibility, strengthen compliance efforts and provide greater transparency about discounts provided by the program - Published: 2014-08-13
Osanetant Drug Shows Potential for Prevention of PTSD
Osanetant targets brain cells in a region of the brain that controls formation and consolidation of fear memories - Published: 2014-07-01
Male Statin Use Associated with Less Exercise
Study finds use of statins in senior males is associated with less physical activity - Published: 2014-06-11
National Take Back Day - Reducing Prescription Drugs in Circulation - April 26th 2014
The nationwide take-back initiative provides safe collection of unused medication to prevent prescription drugs from being misused - Published: 2014-04-23
How to Save Money on Prescription Medications
Information from Harvard Health Publications on ways to save money on your prescription medication needs - Published: 2014-02-09
Shortage of Life-saving Drugs: What Can be Done
Healthcare experts and specialists propose steps for preventing and managing the current shortage of life saving and cancer drugs - Published: 2014-02-03
Adherence to Prescription Medications
People in America are not benefiting from treatment advances because of persistent issue of poor prescription medication adherence - Published: 2013-12-23
Krokodil: A Deadly Flesh Eating Street Drug
Information regarding Krokodil a new and deadly drug making its way onto the city streets of the United States - Published: 2013-10-04
Antidepressant Use - Increased Risk of Type II Diabetes
Increased risk of type 2 diabetes associated with weight gain among people who used antidepressants over the long-term than in people matched for depression-related characteristics - Published: 2013-10-01
Pharmacy Drug Pricing Regulations in India
Information shows how India handles essential drug pricing and the way the Indian government regulates the prices of these medications - Published: 2013-09-27
Oncologists Hit by Cancer Drug Shortages
U.S. patients impacted as 83% of cancer doctors report facing oncology drug shortages - Published: 2013-06-04
Breaking Up Physician Drug Company Relationships
Report suggests improved health care and reductions in drug costs might be attained by breaking up the relationship between physicians and drug company reps - Published: 2013-05-21
Disabled World Free Discount Prescription Drug Card
This free discount drug card program is being provided to you and your family to help lower your prescription drug costs - Published: 2013-05-01
All I See is Hope - Overcoming the Odds with Congenital Panhypopituitarism
Diagnosed at age 8 doctors discovered Maureen had congenital panhypopituitarism where her body did not produce growth hormone or stimulation to her endocrine glands - Published: 2012-09-16
Aspirin Vs Warfarin Comparison for Heart Failure Treatment
Comparison of two anti-clotting medications warfarin and aspirin were similar in preventing deaths and strokes in heart failure patients with normal heart rhythm - Published: 2012-02-06
Potential New Drugs From Kalata-Kalata Tea
Scientists analyze the leaves of a plant called kalata-kalata and discovery potential new drugs for diseases that affect millions of people worldwide - Published: 2011-09-29
List of Generic Equivalents for Brand Name Drugs
List of brand name drugs and their Generic Equivalents sorted alphabetically by brand name and generic substitute - Published: 2011-09-14
Are Generic Drugs the Same as Brand Name Medications
Explains the differences and similarities between brand name drugs and their equivalent generic drug brands - Published: 2011-09-14
Low Dose Naltrexone: Tricking the Body to Heal Itself
Mechanism by which low dose of the opioid antagonist naltrexone (LDN) an agent used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases exerts profound inhibitory effect on cell proliferation - Published: 2011-09-03
Pegloticase - New Drug For Gout
Pegloticase can produce significant and sustained clinical improvements in 2 out of 5 patients with chronic gout resistant to conventional therapies - Published: 2011-08-30
St. Louis Park Prescription Discount Card Program
The discount cards offer city residents an average of 23% savings off the retail price of prescription medications - Published: 2011-08-12
Generic Drug Prices Fall for Fifth Consecutive Year
Prices for widely used generic drugs fell by average of 7.8% as many seniors are reaching the coverage gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage known as the doughnut hole - Published: 2011-07-21
Chantix Associated with Serious Cardiovascular Events
Stop smoking drug Chantix associated with 72% increased risk of hospitalization due to a serious adverse cardiovascular event such as heart attack or arrhythmia - Published: 2011-07-04
Making Prescription Drugs Affordable and Accessible - Express Scripts
Express Scripts open to continued negotiations with Walgreens to make prescription drugs affordable and accessible for American families - Published: 2011-06-27
Antibiotic Overuse in Home-care Patients
Doctors may be over-prescribing antibiotics for patients receiving ongoing medical care at home - Published: 2011-06-27
US Adverse Drug Event Network
Launch of a new online network to collect and distribute adverse drug events in the United States - Published: 2011-06-15
Drug Shortage - FDA Works to Lessen Impact
Current drug shortages have hit patients in hospitals because they include cancer drugs anesthetics used in surgery and sterile injectables - Published: 2011-06-10
Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs
The Bureau of Prescription Health provides options for people of all ages in the USA who cannot afford to pay for prescription drugs out-of-pocket - Published: 2011-06-09
Alternative to Antibiotics
The World Health Organization is warning about resistance and immunity to drugs including antibiotics which were once so potent - Published: 2011-06-09
55% of Seniors Prescriptions Not Taken Correctly
Not taking medications properly can be extremely dangerous with more than 125000 people die each year due to prescription medication non-adherence - Published: 2011-05-27
Independent Drugstores Want Congress to Help Raise Prescription Drug Costs
The independent drugstore lobby is pushing new laws that will help them raise prescription drug costs - Published: 2011-05-25
List of Drug Side Effects - Information Overload
Is the cure worse than the disease Having a high number of side effects on a drug label should not suggest that the drug is unsafe - Published: 2011-05-23
Purchasing Legal Highs Online a Risky Business
Danger in the explosion in number of substances deemed legal highs that are currently available on the internet - Published: 2011-05-20
Doctors Alleged to Have Been Paid to Prescribe Multiple Sclerosis Drug Rebif
Allegations a company caused false or fraudulent claims to be submitted to the Medicaid program - Published: 2011-05-13
Drug Could Prevent Cervical Cancer
HIV drug could be used to prevent cervical cancer caused by infection with the human papilloma virus - Published: 2011-05-04
How to Dispose of Unused and Expired Prescription Drugs
Unused prescription medicines that remain in homes can be misused or abused if they end up in the wrong hands - Published: 2011-04-28
Off Label Marketing of Medicines
Despite FDA regulation of the approval and use of pharmaceutical products off-label marketing of drugs has occurred in all aspects of the US health care system - Published: 2011-04-07
Antidepressants Linked to Thicker Arteries
Antidepressant use has been linked to thicker arteries possibly contributing to the risk of heart disease and stroke - Published: 2011-04-02
Slowing Skyrocketing Drug Prices
Bipartisan bill to allow for the safe and legal importation of lower cost prescription drugs from abroad - Published: 2011-03-29
Spikes in Drug Prices as Patents Expire
Brand name drug prices continue to increase after the introduction of generic competition - Published: 2011-03-28
Polypill Multiple Medications in One Capsule
Polypill is a single pill that has all the benefits of multiple medications in one dose - Published: 2011-03-21
Bayer $100M Class Action Lawsuit for Gender Discrimination
According to the complaint Bayer has published and disseminated articles that suggest men are better suited to be managers than women - Published: 2011-03-21
FDA Intends to Remove Unapproved Drugs From Market
Regulators aim to take certain unapproved prescription medicines for cough cold and allergy symptoms off the U.S. market - Published: 2011-03-02
Benefits of Taking Daily Low-dose Aspirin
Health benefits of taking daily Low-dose long-term aspirin each day to help reduce heart disease and cancer risk - Published: 2011-01-25
Medication Translations for World Travelers
Online brand name medication translation guide for world travelers - Published: 2011-01-19
Study Shows Promise for New Drug to Treat Fragile X
Fragile X affects 1 in 4000 males and 1 in 6000 females of all races and ethnic groups - Published: 2011-01-09
Health Insurers Change Prescription Medications to Save Money
A survey shows up to 70 percent of prescription medications are changed by health insurers denying patients the drugs their doctors prescribe - Published: 2010-11-29
Prescriptions for Teens and Adolescents on the Rise
Adolescents and young adults are most likely to abuse prescription medications - Published: 2010-11-29
Helping Seniors Evaluate Medicare Part D and Save on Prescription Drugs
Helping Seniors Evaluate Medicare Part D Options and Identify Potential Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs - Published: 2010-11-21
The Color of Medicine
The color shape taste and even name of a tablet or pill can have an effect on how patients feel about medication - Published: 2010-11-15
Cost Sharing for High-value Prescription Drugs
Eliminating or reducing cost-sharing for high-value prescription drugs improves medication use - Published: 2010-11-02
Medicare Part D Benefit Making LIPITOR and CRESTOR Available for Low or No Copay
Providing broad and affordable access to these cholesterol-lowering prescription drugs - Published: 2010-10-29
Vancomycin for Cellulitis Treatment
Cellulitis should be treated as a first line of defense with the antibiotic drug vancomycin rather than other antibiotics such as penicillin - Published: 2010-10-24
You May Be a Drug Supplier Without Knowing It
America has a drug problem and the primary source of these abused drugs is the family medicine cabinet - Published: 2010-10-21
Blood Pressure Pills More Effective When Taken at Night
Taking medication at night instead of in the morning significantly increases efficacy in keeping blood pressure within a healthy range - Published: 2010-10-05
Humana and Walmart Announce Innovative Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan
Humana and Walmart Announce Innovative Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan with Lowest National Monthly Premium Offered in all 50 States and D.C. - Published: 2010-10-03
Pharmacy Times Launches iPad Edition
Prestigious 113-year-old pharmacy publication among first B-to-B publications available for the iPad - Published: 2010-09-02
Grant to Develop Drugs for the Treatment of Female Specific Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
Menopause is associated with about a 10-15 pound weight gain and a redistribution of visceral fat to the abdomen - Published: 2010-09-02
AARP Report Finds Brand Name Drug Prices Soar
NCPA - AARP Report Finds Brand Name Drug Prices Soar as Large Pharmacy Benefit Managers Reap Windfall Profits - Published: 2010-08-26
Lifting Veil of Secrecy Surrounding Development of New Medicines
Veil of secrecy that has surrounded the process of developing new prescription drugs for the last century - Published: 2010-08-24
Pharmaceuticals: A Market for Producing 'Lemons' and Serious Harm
Incentives and protections for industry encourage development of many drugs with few new benefits over existing pharmaceuticals - Published: 2010-08-17
New Treatment for Malaria
Scientists develop new drug treatment for malaria that could progress to clinical trials - Published: 2010-08-16
Malicious use of Drugs is An Under-Recognized Form of Child Abuse
Department of Health and Human Services classify child abuse as neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse - Published: 2010-07-22
Sirtuin1 May Boost Learning Ability and Memory
Sirtuin1 may boost memory learning ability and lead to new drugs to fight Alzheimers or other neurological diseases - Published: 2010-07-11
New Drugs to Relieve Cancer Pain
Drugs and medications for relieving cancer pain without causing side effects of current pain treatments like morphine - Published: 2010-06-21
Side Effects of Drugs Can Lead to Broken Bones
People taking a high dose of glucocorticoids can be pretty sick with rheumatoid arthritis or severe asthma - Published: 2010-06-09
What is Fioricet - Migraine and Headache Medication Uses and Instructions
Fioricet is a combination medication commonly used to treat tension headaches but doctors also recommend it for recurring migraines - Published: 2010-06-05
Save 75% with FREE Prescription Discount Card and Raise Funds for US Disabled Veterans
FREE Prescription Discount Card Saves You Up to 75% and Raises Funds for America's Disabled Veterans - Published: 2010-05-27
Henry Winkler Helps Raise Awareness of Upper Limb Spasticity
Henry Winkler joins team to launch open arms raising awareness of upper limb spasticity educational campaign - Published: 2010-05-26
Childrens Consumption of Chronic Medications Rising
In growing numbers children across America are adding a dose of medicine to their daily routine - Published: 2010-05-19
1 in 50 Americans Considered Permanently Disabled by Mental Illness
Widespread use of psychotropic drugs for children and little data regarding long term impact on development - Published: 2010-04-20
Free Antibiotic Program California
The free antibiotic program offers eight different classes of antibiotics - Published: 2010-03-06
Hyalgan Treatment for Osteoarthritis
Hyalgan is a medication used to treat knee pain in people with osteoarthritis in the knees - Published: 2010-03-02
Aspirin, Acetaminophen and NSAID's Increase Risk of Male Hearing Loss
Regular use of aspirin acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs increase risk of hearing loss in men - Published: 2010-03-01
Gaucher Disease Therapy Approved by FDA
New drug will offer a treatment alternative for patients with rare genetic Gaucher Disease - Published: 2010-02-28
Online Canadian Pharmacy Verifier
Accrediting online Canadian pharmacy advertisements in Canada by Google AdWords - Published: 2010-02-22
Is it Legal to Import Prescription Drugs into the U.S.
Article examines the legality of importing prescription drugs into the U.S. from Canada and Mexico - Published: 2010-02-04
Food and Drug Administration and the FDA Transparency Task Force
Outlines the role of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the FDA Transparency Task Force blog - Published: 2010-02-04
SOMA Reduces Lower Back Pain Disability
Soma 250 mg shown to significantly improve functionality and reduce disability and lower back pain in three days - Published: 2010-02-03
Free New York City Prescription Drug Card
Free New York City prescription drug card saves residents money at over 2000 pharmacies - Published: 2010-01-26
Counterfeit Internet Drugs Pose Significant Risks
Counterfeit Internet drugs pose significant risks and discourage vital health checks - Published: 2010-01-20
Drug Therapy to Minimize Death and Disability from Traumatic Brain Injury
Post-traumatic epilepsy is a major complication of traumatic brain injury that is associated with psychosocial disability - Published: 2010-01-16
Increased Risk of Disease Without Chickenpox Vaccine
Children whose parents refuse the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine appear more likely to develop the disease - Published: 2010-01-05
Brain and Prostate Cancer Drug Shows Promise
Drug being tested for breast and lung cancer shows promise in fighting brain cancer glioblastoma and prostate cancer - Published: 2010-01-05
Drug Interface to Save Lives
The interface researchers hope to adapt and install on portable computing devices such as a Blackberry - Published: 2009-12-10
Benefit of Reboxetine Antidepressant not Proven
There is no scientific proof that people suffering from depression can benefit from taking reboxetine - Published: 2009-11-24
FREE Drug Discount Card for Disabled Veterans
Free prescription drug discount card that offers savings up to 75% and when the card is used - Published: 2009-11-19
Epilepsy Drugs could Treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
Epileptic drugs could treat neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease - Published: 2009-10-28
New Prolastin Version Approved by FDA
PROLASTIN-C increases or augments protein levels in AAT-deficient patients at risk for developing emphysema - Published: 2009-10-19
Bell's Palsy Study - Rethink of Cause and Treatment
Drugs widely prescribed to treat facial paralysis in Bell's palsy are ineffective - Published: 2009-10-14
Post-stroke Upper Limb Spasticity - Phase III Data for NT 201
Merz Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase III Data for NT 201 in Post-stroke Upper Limb Spasticity - Published: 2009-10-07
Blood Thinning Drug Safer than Rat Poison
Blood thinner dabigatran shown to protect against stroke blood clotting and major bleeding as effectively as warfarin - Published: 2009-09-29
OxyContin - Information Uses and Side Effects
OxyContin is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers and is similar to morphine - Published: 2009-09-09
FDA Approves Extavia for Multiple Sclerosis
The FDA has approved Extavia the first in a new planned portfolio of multiple sclerosis MS medicines from Novartis - Published: 2009-08-17
Immunotec Announces Immunocal Clinical Research Initiative
Aging is typically associated with a decrease in skeletal muscle mass and muscle function which contributes decisively to disability in old age - Published: 2009-07-08
Electronic Smartpill Pill Measures pH Levels in Digestive Tract
An electronic diagnostic tool called the SmartPill is swallowed by patients in order to take measurements as it travels through the gastrointestinal tract - Published: 2009-06-03
Treatment for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Health Canada has approved Actonel (risedronate sodium tablets) 150 mg a once-a-month option for treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis - Published: 2009-06-02
Tamiflu for H1N1 Swine Flu Avian Flu and Influenza A - B
Tamiflu an oral anti-viral drug for treatment of Influenza A and Influenza B including swine flu H1N1 virus includes dosage and side effects - Published: 2009-04-27
Gamunex Improves Quality of Life for CIDP Patients
Health related quality of life results conducted in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy CIDP - Published: 2009-04-24
New Heart Drug - World First
UK patients first to benefit from launch of new heart drug prasugrel Efient following authorization by European Medicines Agency - Published: 2009-04-08
New Drug Shows promise for Psoriatic Arthritis
Study involved 405 patients with active psoriatic arthritis even after having taken disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs - Published: 2009-04-07
Link Between Osteoporosis Drugs and Heart Problems
Link between drugs used to prevent bone fractures in osteoporosis patients and development of irregular heartbeat - Published: 2009-04-06
Oxycodone Effective Against Shingles Pain
Painkiller oxycodone is effective for treating acute pain of shingles an illness that causes severe pain from blisters and skin rash - Published: 2009-03-30
New Migraine Drug May Stop Pain with Fewer Side Effects
New migraine specific drug called telcagepant is a promising alternative that would produce fewer side effects - Published: 2009-03-25
Dangerous Drug Reactions
If you take or intend to take medically prescribed drugs you need to be aware of the potential for these reactions in the body - Published: 2009-03-22
Antibiotics and Superbugs
In an attempt to deal with the bacteria which cause some infections medical science has developed antibiotics - Published: 2009-03-22
Canada Takes Steps to Improve Safety of Health Products
MedEffect Canada to report suspected side effects from health products and access the latest safety information - Published: 2009-03-17
Antibiotics That Don't Trigger Resistance
New generation of antibiotic compounds are developing that do not provoke bacterial resistance - Published: 2009-03-13
Innappropriate Drug Prescriptions Wasting Millions, Raising Health Risks
Study in Oregon suggests drugs designed for treating severe mental illnesses often prescribed at inappropriately low doses and expense - Published: 2009-03-04