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Flakka: A New Synthetic Street Drug
Information regarding the synthetic drug Flakka that causes symptoms such as agitation, unusual behavior, delusions, paranoia and superhuman strength - Published: 2015-06-02
Number of Smokers Who Will Die from the Habit - 66%
Study of over 200,000 people provides independent confirmation 2 in every 3 smokers will die from the habit if they continue to smoke - Published: 2015-03-01
Heroin: Addiction and Health Effects
It is estimated that approximately 23% of people who use heroin become dependent on the drug - Published: 2015-01-17
U.S. Smoking Statistics Hits All-time Low
According to the US CDC cigarette smoking rate among adults dropped from 20.9% in 2005 to 17.8% in 2013 - Published: 2014-11-30
Personality Disorders and Problem Gambling
Treatment of people with gambling problems often complicated because they also tend to suffer from personality disorders - Published: 2014-11-25
How Women in Recovery Manage Personal Networks of Family and Friend Drug Users
Substance abuse counselors and social workers often recommend recovering addicts establish new networks of non-using friends and supporters - Published: 2014-10-15
People with Severe Mental Illness have Higher Risk for Substance Abuse
People with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder have a higher risk for substance use especially cigarette smoking - Published: 2014-01-05
e-Cigarettes or Vapor Cigarettes: Safety, Facts and Information
Information regarding electronic cigarettes also known as water vapor cigarettes as a quit smoking aid - Published: 2013-12-06
Abuse of Over-the-Counter Medications
Information regarding the dangerous trend of over the counter medication abuse today - Published: 2013-09-16
Prescription Painkiller Side Effects Can Include Psychological and Physical Dependence
Article examines aspects of psychological and physical dependence or addiction of prescribed painkillers - Published: 2013-08-09
Substance Abuse and Persons with Disabilities
Article looks at people with disabilities and substance abuse in the U.S. including facts and statistics and cost to the community - Published: 2013-07-22
Binge Drinking and Adolescents
Information regarding excessive alcohol consumption among American adolescents including binge drinking and associated health problems - Published: 2013-07-07
Mental Illness and the Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Information methods and reasons to help quit smoking for immediate long-term health and social benefits - Published: 2013-02-18
Smoking and Mental Illness Connection
Study reveals 44.3% of cigarettes in the United States are consumed by people with forms of mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders - Published: 2013-02-17
Cigarette Smoking and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Studies of smoking and PTSD comorbidity have used different approaches to indexing the severity of a persons reactions - Published: 2012-11-27
Laser Therapy to Help Stop Smoking
Information on low-level laser treatment that stimulates nerve endings and touted as a way to help quitting smoking - Published: 2012-11-14
Veterans - Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse
Veterans from recent conflicts often experience symptoms related to combat stress and many misuse drugs alcohol or tobacco leading to health and well-being risks - Published: 2012-10-09
K2 Synthetic Marijuana - Serious Health Risks
Synthetic marijuana known as K2 or Spice can cause seizures hallucinations rapid heart rate vomiting and death from overdose - Published: 2012-06-20
Predisposition to Drug or Alcohol Addiction
Society needs to bear in mind the potential for predisposition to drug addiction when a person becomes addicted to drugs - Published: 2012-02-11
Dangers of Common Painkiller Medication
Learning about some of the dangers of common painkillers can serve as a preventative measure to help keep the people that need them safe - Published: 2012-02-06
Creating a Healthier Cigarette
Lycopene and grape seed extract drastically reduced the amount of cancer-causing free radicals passing through the cigarette filter - Published: 2012-01-06
Why Heavy Smokers Feel Sad After Quitting
Heavy smokers experience sadness after quitting as early withdrawal leads to increase in mood related brain protein monoamine oxidase A - Published: 2011-08-04
Physicians Say E Cigarettes Should Remain On Market
Royal College of Physicians states commercial competition for the nicotine replacement therapy industry could very well be a good thing - Published: 2011-07-30
Treatment of Cocaine Addiction - New Hope
New discoveries by researchers offer potential for development of first ever pharmacological treatment for cocaine addiction - Published: 2011-07-16
Risks and Benefits of Alcohol for Seniors
Report related primarily to problems of unrecognized alcohol misuse among the elderly - Published: 2011-06-28
Contaminated Cocaine Causes Decaying Skin
Contaminated Cocaine causing crusty purplish areas of dead skin that are extremely painful and can open the door to nasty infections - Published: 2011-06-27
Alcohol's Damaging Effects on the Brain
Alcohol binds in a very specific manner to key protein targets in the brain to cause well known behavioral effects - Published: 2011-06-21
List of Ingredients & Additives in Cigarettes
List of ingredients found in cigarettes including listing of chemical poisons and cancer producing additives as well as the health effects of smoking addiction - Published: 2011-05-26
Calls to Abolish the Word "Habit" in Regards to Smoking Addiction
Smoking is a habit implies it is something easily overcome with willpower alone not acknowledging how addictive nicotine is - Published: 2011-05-26
Most Serious Addictions in America
Americans are capable of becoming addicted to virtually anything from plastic surgery to texting - Published: 2011-03-27
Number of Heavy Smokers in US Decreases
Throughout much of the early history of cigarette smoking in the United States, consumption was typically 1 pack or about 20 cigarettes each day - Published: 2011-03-17
New Cigarette Warning Labels and Effectiveness
Proposed rule that requires warning labels on cigarettes and cigarette ads some of which are rather graphic - Published: 2011-02-08
Substance Abuse and Addiction Among Nurses - Support Not Punishment is the Key
Addiction among nurses has been recognized by professionals in the field for over a hundred years - Published: 2011-01-27
Smoking Causes Genetic Damage Within Minutes After Inhaling
Cigarette smoke begins to cause genetic damage within minutes after inhalation into the lungs - Published: 2011-01-15
Health Warnings on Canadian Cigarette Packages
Canadian Harper Government to strengthen and enlarge health warnings on cigarette packages - Published: 2011-01-02
Scientists Find Gene Linked to Alcoholism
Researchers have discovered a gene variant that may protect against alcoholism - Published: 2010-10-20
Why Men Are More Susceptible to Alcoholism
Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances and men are up to twice as likely to develop alcoholism as women - Published: 2010-10-18
How to Tell if You Are an Alcoholic
The idea of facing life without the crutch of alcohol can be overwhelming at first - Published: 2010-09-24
Alcohol Addiction, Destruction in Itself
Alcohol addiction is increased tolerance and dependency on alcohol usually accompanied by substance abuse like drugs and nicotine - Published: 2010-09-22
Why Cocaine Cravings Won't Go Away
People who have used cocaine run a great risk of becoming addicted even after long drug-free periods - Published: 2010-09-16
Electronic Cigarettes Continue To Face Scrutiny Despite Popularity
Are electronic cigarettes being scrutinized fairly or could there be an ulterior motive involved - Published: 2010-09-15
Too Many Americans Still Smoke and Are Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand smoke is a proven cause of heart disease and lung cancer in non-smoking adults - Published: 2010-09-07
E Cigarette Popularity Increases Despite Quit Or Die Policy of Health Organizations
Electronic cigarette sales and popularity continues to increase on a daily basis despite the US Food and Drug Administration's attempts to label the products as unsafe - Published: 2010-09-07
Addicts Keep Using "To Feel Like a Better Person"
Patients hospitalized for opioid detoxification say they first got hooked on pain killing drugs legitimately prescribed for pain relief - Published: 2010-08-21
The Truth About Meth: A Devastating and Addictive Drug
Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that wreaks havoc on the entire body including oral health - Published: 2010-08-16
Can I Buy you a Drink
Genetics may determine sensitivity to other people drinking behavior - Published: 2010-07-22
Successful Addiction Treatment is a Family Affair
Having a family member involved in the addiction recovery process often means difference between temporary and life-changing treatment - Published: 2010-07-18
Clarifying the Role of Craving in Addictions
New behavioral economic behavior analysis by UGA researchers may help clarify the role of craving in addiction - Published: 2010-07-14
Drug Addiction and Ibogaine Treatments
Ibogaine is intended as a single administration drug not a maintenance drug like Methadone - Published: 2010-06-28
Companies Penalizing Unhealthy Behaviors Like Smoking to Save Money
More Companies Penalizing Unhealthy Behaviors Like Smoking to Save $10,000/yr Per Worker - Published: 2010-06-08
Cost Shifting for Smoking
Rewards for Weight Loss Fail But Cost Shifting Works Very Well For Smoking - Published: 2010-06-03
Pre-Adoptive FASD Education
Information provides pre-adoptive fasd education to prepare adoptive families for the unexpected - Published: 2010-04-28
Do you Know your Drinking IQ
Service members and their families can assess alcohol use by taking an anonymous online alcohol screening test - Published: 2010-04-09
Tips to Help Quit Smoking
Success strategies and tips for you and others wanting to quit smoking for good - Published: 2010-01-16
Addictive Effects of Caffeine on Children
Does consuming caffeinated drinks during adolescence contribute to later use of drugs - Published: 2009-12-30
Canadian Teenagers among Largest Consumers of Cannabis
Canadian teenagers are among the largest consumers of cannabis worldwide - Published: 2009-12-17
Nicotine Levels Higher in First Thing in the Morning Smokers
People who smoke cigarettes first up in the morning have higher levels of cotinine a by-product of nicotine - Published: 2009-12-03
Call for Alcohol Industry to Prove No Harm in Funding of Sports
Debate over whether alcohol industry sponsorship of sports increases drinking among sports participants - Published: 2009-11-10
Nicotine Patch Plus Lozenge Best for Quitting Smoking
A nicotine patch plus a nicotine lozenge appears most effective at helping smokers quit - Published: 2009-11-02
Cocaine Vaccine May Help Limit Drug Use
Vaccine for cocaine dependence reduces use of the drug in individuals who attain high anti-cocaine antibody levels - Published: 2009-10-05
Research Agenda for Substance Abuse Outline
What we need to know to reduce the use and abuse of alcohol drugs and tobacco - Published: 2009-10-02
Mentally Ill Should Quit Smoking
People with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are the heaviest smokers in the country - Published: 2009-09-09
Meth Addiction and Consequences
methamphetamine is manufactured in small labs and the ingredients can be readily purchased legally - Published: 2009-09-04
Baclofen - A Pill to Stop Alcohol Cravings
The drug baclofen is a muscle relaxant, used to treat muscle symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis - Published: 2009-09-04
Methadone Addiction and Detox Treatment
methadone detox is that the drug is used to help a person avoid the discomfort of withdrawal - Published: 2009-09-04
Addiction to Prescription Painkillers by Patients and Physicians
Addiction and abuse of prescription opioid painkiller drugs are prevalent and they exact a toll on patients physicians and society - Published: 2009-07-28
Ways to End Drug Addiction
This article is written for those who want to quit drugs but have not been able to for whatever reason - Published: 2009-07-03
Intervention for an Alcoholic
What you can do to help if you are a friend or a family member of someone who is abusing alcohol - Published: 2009-07-03
Study Shows 1 in 25 Deaths Attributable to Alcohol
1 in 25 deaths are directly attributable to alcohol consumption mainly due to increases in the number of women drinking - Published: 2009-06-26
Acetaldehyde in Alcohol
Drinking alcohol is the greatest risk factor for acetaldehyde related cancer - Published: 2009-03-20
Men Admit they Consume Drugs to Increase Sexual Pleasure
Men who consume drugs to lose their sexual inhibition use cocaine a narcotic substance which incapacitates at sexual level - Published: 2009-03-03
Adolescents Undertreated for Drug Addiction
Only about 10 percent of adolescents needing help for drug abuse problems actually enter treatment - Published: 2009-03-02
Pain Killer Addiction
Many people who are addicted to painkillers have assorted symptoms that they may not associate with the drug - Published: 2009-03-02