Antioxidants: Types & General Information

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Maple syrup is rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants found in certain foods.

Information regarding the benefits of lipoic acid in restoring circadian rhythms and important biological functions.

New study reveals people who consume a diet rich in resveratrol live no longer and are just as likely to develop cardiovascular disease or cancer as those who eat or drink smaller amounts of the antioxidant.

Researchers have identified antioxidant Tiron offers total protection against some types of sun damage and may help skin stay looking younger for longer.

Antioxidants are popular anti-aging ingredients in skin creams and now scientists are reporting extract from leaf buds of poplar trees could be a source of antioxidants for skin creams.

Antioxidant drugs currently used to treat lung disease malaria and even the common cold can also help prevent and treat cancers.

Information on flavonoids including examples of foods fruits and vegetables containing flavonoid that have beneficial health properties.

Concerns about the safety of certain healthful plant-based antioxidants.

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