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Research shows the procedure often offers little or no benefit, needlessly exposes patients to risks of infection and other side effects, plus wastes healthcare money.

Dr. Kaixuan Liu with Atlantic Spine Center offers tips on the advantages of increasingly common spine procedures that don’t require hospitalization.

Nociception pain level index allows physicians to more accurately evaluate responses to painful stimulation in patients under general anesthesia.

Study reveals clinically meaningful improvements in bodily pain, specific joint pain and physical function are common following bariatric surgery.

When doctors prepared patients for surgery using iPads, patients understanding was much better than after face-to-face consultation.

Investigators find endoscopic spine surgery to be safe and effective at the 23rd annual meeting of the Spine Intervention Society.

As the number of Americans age 80 and older continues to rise, so does the percentage of patients with acute spinal conditions.

Study shows pediatric patients who listened to songs by Rihanna, Taylor Swift and other singers had significant reduction in pain after major surgery.

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