Disability News: California

Latest California Publications

Disability Rights California issues findings of investigations into use of pepper spray and excessive use of room confinement.

Decoding Dyslexia California comments on the benefits for public schoolchildren with dyslexia and their families of new California dyslexia laws.

Study finds cost saving effort in health care falls short of goals and bundled payment demonstration provides lessons for future.

Plaintiffs representing low-income people with disabilities reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit that challenged planned elimination of Adult Day Health Care as a Medi-Cal benefit.

Consumer Watchdog calls on Governor Brown to replace Schwarzenegger-era regulators after DMHC officials misrepresented details of autism settlement with Blue Shield.

Restrictions on eligibility for health care reform programs will result in potential exclusion of up to 220,000 children from affordable health care coverage in California.

Charlie Sheen Files $100M wrongful termination lawsuit for breach of contract and violations of California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Up to two-thirds of the 7 million uninsured residents in California will become eligible for health insurance coverage when health care reform is implemented in 2014.

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