Disability News: Asia & Surrounding Countries

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A ten day summit has been organized by academicians of SAARC region universities to mark the 10th anniversary of Tsunami.

A lawmaker has called on Congress to pass bill providing all traffic lights with audible signals to help persons with disabilities, seniors and pregnant pedestrians.

MAS announce flexibility for physically disabled and their caregivers by exempting them from credit restrictions for purchase of motor vehicle.

High rates of physical and mental disabilities have continued to afflict the Vietnamese causing heartache to families and a major economic burden to the country.

Funds will support the development of the Lao Rehabilitation Program through the Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE).

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in South Korea affect an estimated 2.64% of the population of school age children equivalent to 1 in 38 children.

More than 60,000 people will benefit from the bus fare concession for the elderly and people with disability.

Challenges posed by a rapidly aging population will be one of the most difficult tasks for Asian governments.

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