Disability News: China

Latest China Publications

H.K. Government committed to encouraging employment of persons with disabilities.

Almost half of people with disabilities living in Hong Kong live in poverty, more than double the rate for the general population.

Study finds disproportionate number of contract nurses had higher levels of patient dissatisfaction which prior research linked to lower quality care and worse outcomes.

In China for people with disabilities and their families a harmonious society would more specifically mean an inclusive society.

Study finds Chinese teenagers have a rate of diabetes nearly four times greater than their counterparts in the United States.

Children from well off Chinese families who say they are physically active and eat plenty of vegetables but few sweets are more likely to be overweight.

The Shanghai leadership team was honored for their work with the Blue Sky Foundation which helps train local handicapped people for future employment opportunities.

Medical Care Technologies Inc headquartered in Beijing China has positioned itself to lead the modernization of pediatric healthcare throughout the country.

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