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Seniors in Edmonton - Reducing Social Isolation
New plan to address social isolation among Edmonton seniors is being implemented through a collaborative set of projects - Published: 2016-04-24
Alberta Budget Increases to Disability Sector
Budget includes increase of 2.5% - 4% for Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) and Inclusive Education Funding - Published: 2016-04-17
Accessibility for Albertans Initiative
Accessibility initiative will ensure new and existing residential housing, commercial buildings and public institutions are accessible for all - Published: 2015-03-22
Helping Speech and Stuttering in Children with Down syndrome
University of Alberta study shows fluency shaping can improve stuttering and speech in children with Down syndrome - Published: 2013-03-01
Barriers Remain Despite Recommendations to Improve PDD Program - AACL
The Alberta Association for Community Living remain deeply concerned about those individuals who require support but who do not qualify for the PDD program - Published: 2011-05-19
Feeling Included - Kids with Disabilities Have Say in Study
For kids with disabilities it is important to feel included, be accepted and valued particularly by their peers - Published: 2010-12-09
Alberta Workers Still Fighting for Rights
Province lags behind on workplace safety farm worker rights and temporary foreign workers - Published: 2010-09-05
Immoral Incentives to Deny WCB Benefits to Injured Workers - Alberta, Canada
Alberta is the only Canadian province that uses immoral incentives to deny WCB benefits to injured workers - Published: 2010-07-23
Careers in Skilled Trades and Technology - Alberta Canada
Government of Canada Promotes Careers in Skilled Trades and Technology to Youth in Southeastern Alberta - Published: 2010-04-29
Roisin McEvoy Earns Membership With Stanford Who's Who
Roisin McEvoy has been accepted among the ranks of premier professionals with Stanford Who's Who as a result of her sensational work in the Child Care Industry - Published: 2010-04-28
Families Respond to Developmental Disabilities Speech from the Throne
Cuts to services and support for Albertans with developmental disabilities raise questions as to the governments commitment - Published: 2010-02-04
PDD Requests Cuts to Funding and Services
Information regarding PDD requests to cut funding while expending funds and resources on assessing 9200 individuals with developmental disabilities - Published: 2010-01-09