Disability Air Travel: Information for Seniors & Disabled

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Detroit Metropolitan Airport will be offering more options to travelers with disabilities when they are picked up or dropped off at the airport.

MIAair program is designed to give individuals with autism related disorders and hearing loss confidence to enjoy air travel.

Since each airline is different we have listed differing policies where travelers with disabilities are concerned.

Disabled and reduced mobility air travelers still face problems of refusals and unfair demands when attempting to travel.

Closed captioning is now available for live television content onboard Continental Airlines aircraft for passengers with hearing disabilities.

DOT the Air Transport Association and the National Council on Disability NCD celebrate 25th anniversary of the Air Carrier Access Act that banned discrimination in air travel on the basis of disability.

The Disabled Airport Guide is aimed at helping people with disability while traveling through airports.

Overseas flight travel information for slow walkers and individuals with special needs.

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