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Disabled World, one of the premier and most visited disability community websites online, encompasses a broad spectrum of issues and experiences faced by the approximately 1.3 billion people (around 16%) worldwide who live with significant disabilities. We are an independent publisher established in 2004 with the mission to provide a reliable source of news, disability statistics, and useful information to individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and researchers. We accomplish this by publishing original reports, papers, and surveys, as well as quality reviewed material we receive from world governments, disability organizations, educational institutions and other authoritive sources.

Disability is a subject you may not think of as something that may happen to you. However, your chances of becoming disabled, or a person with disability are greater than you realize. During our lifetime, almost all of us will have some type of disability. No one is excluded from joining this group including celebrities and world leaders.

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Mounting evidence suggests the peer reviewed process is far from infallible and may even be detrimental to scientific progress in some cases. Studies have shown that reviewers often disagree on the merits of the same paper, with their assessments aligning only slightly more than would be expected by chance.

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The nature of the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA) and its impact on the early Earth system. LUCA is the hypothesized common ancestor from which all modern cellular life, from single celled organisms like bacteria to the gigantic redwood trees (as well as us humans) descend.

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While U.S. firearm laws such as requiring safe storage are associated with lower suicide rates, they do not appear to reduce homicide rates. Firearm legislation in the United States that mandates safe storage practices has been linked to decreased suicide rates, but research suggests these laws have not demonstrated a significant impact on reducing homicide rates.

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The share of working people with disabilities in the United States is less than the share of working people without disabilities. Despite enormous efforts, disabled people in the United States are very poorly represented in the labor market. The world standard is that more than half of disabled people are employed. Switzerland and Canada lead in this indicator. 54% and 58% of disabled people, respectively, are employed there. This is more than 2 times more than in the USA.

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The NOVA Food Classification System is a framework that categorizes foods into four groups based on the extent and purpose of industrial processing they undergo. Developed by researchers at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 2009, this system aims to provide a clearer understanding of the health implications associated with different types of food processing.

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