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Whether you have a disability or not, everyone is welcome to freely browse our site, however, you should familiarize yourself with our web site terms and policies, whose links can be found at the top and bottom of any of our pages, first.

People with disabilities are the largest minority group any person can join at any time, and due to accidents and old age eventually do. Disability will affect the lives of everyone during their life, it is time society changed to acknowledge this.

The primary focus of Disabled World is to provide information via our disability, health, medical, assistive products and world news including breaking news and information we receive from worldwide disability organizations and government departments, universities and educational institutions, as well as our in-house articles.


The word "disabled" means having physical or mental disability, unable to perform one or more activities because of illness, injury, etc. The word disabled came to be used as the standard term in referring to people with physical or mental disabilities in the late 20th century, and remains the most accepted term in UK and US English. "Disability" and "Disabled" are terms undergoing change due to disability rights movements. Which is right, disability or disabled?

One of the key challenges for a person with a disability is to be seen by the public, to be portrayed in media outlets, and treated by health care professionals, as an individual with their own abilities, not just stereotyped as a "disabled person".


Disability is a subject you may read or hear about, but not think of as something that may happen to you. However, your chances of becoming disabled are greater than you realize, today more people live with disabilities than ever before due to our aging societies, as well as improved medical treatment. Even celebrities and other famous people have, or develop, disabilities. Some people are born with a disability, others become disabled due to an illness or injury, and some develop them as they age. At some point in our lives almost all of us will have some type of disability.

Facts from our Disability Statistics section:

  • 33% of 20-year-old workers will become disabled before reaching retirement age.
  • Over a billion people, around 15% of the world's population, have some form of disability.
  • There are approximately 3.3 Million wheelchair users in the U.S and the number is increasing every year.
  • Rates of disability are increasing due to world population aging and increases in chronic health conditions.
  • 1 in 4 US adults (61M) have a disability that impacts major life activities - CDC Morbidity & Mortality Report, 2018-8-17.
  • 93-95% of people with disabilities worldwide do not use a wheelchair, though the universal disability symbol is - a wheelchair.

Latest Disability News

:: Findings on How Bone Cells Respond to Forces Will Improve Repair and Prevent Future Injuries - New research from Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada and McGill University Montreal shows how bone cells repair themselves, giving important clues as to how to improve future care.

:: Light Therapy: Overview of Research and Literature - Research and literature on the therapeutic benefits of light therapy to living tissues and organisms.

:: Marneen Fields: A Life of High Falls, Deep Dives and Legendary Stunt Awards - Incredible story of Marneen Lynne Fields a multi-talented SAG actress, pop singer, ASCAP composer, director, editor, executive producer, and former stunt-woman.

:: Jeffco Subcontracting - A Special Place for Disabled to Earn a Paycheck in Arnold, Missouri - Providing assembly, packaging, quality control, and services to St. Louis businesses, JSI brings training, income, pride and purpose to developmentally disabled adults in Jefferson County.

:: Scholarships for Students with Tourette Syndrome - Vocational/Technical and Computer Certifications - Dollars 4 tic scholars expands scholarship offerings partners with PC professor to offer Vo - Tech scholarships in palm beach county to students with tourette syndrome.

:: Expiring Tax Cut Affects People With Highest Healthcare Costs - The Senior Citizens League claims one of the first tax cuts to expire under recent U.S. tax law likely to affect senior taxpayers and people with highest healthcare costs starting in 2019.

Diagram of the human spinal column
C1-S5 Spine & Spinal Cord Information

The human spinal column comprises 33 bones, 7 vertebrae in the cervical region, 12 in the thoracic region, 5 in the lumbar region, 5 in the sacral region, 4 in the coccygeal region.

A spinal cord injury (SCI) can occur anywhere along the spinal cord. It is the result of damage to cells in the spinal cord and causes a loss of communication between the brain and the parts of the body below the injury.

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